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When you think of a piano, you think of a big black piano set up in the middle of a big ballroom. But, that is not always the case. Now, a lot of people are interested in learning musical instruments, sometimes more than one.

Some people do it to pick up another set of skills; some people learn instruments to help with coordination and discipline, while some people do it out of pure love of music. Music can be taken up as a hobby or it could be pursued as a career. If you plan on pursuing it as a career, then the more you know, the better your chances are of making it in the industry.

Ways of learning

Traditionally, people joined classes or hired private teachers that would help them learn how to play different instruments. With the changing times and the emergence of the internet, a lot of videos are available online that teach you the basics for free.

You could try different teachers and stick with one that suits your needs in the best way possible. Once you get used to the teachers and learn the basics, they offer you courses that you could purchase wherein they teach different techniques and tips that would help you out.

Using technology to learn piano

A lot of beginners in the field of music are using the assistance of technology to learn music. If you are planning to learn the piano, then you will need a piano to practice on. You could take the assistance of books that will help you to learn the whole process if you don’t want to take the help of a teacher.

But, people seem to prefer books that also have apps. One such example is the Go:Piano app that is iOS-based. The Android version would launch soon. Being able to use the app to learn the piano can help you in learning the piano steps and techniques quicker.

This app is very advanced. You can connect it with Bluetooth or via wired cables as well. It is a good alternative to a teacher’s presence. Plus, the advantage is you can plug it in and learn it anytime you want whereas with a teacher you have to wait for the class so you could clear up your doubts. Until that time, you wouldn’t be able to practice whereas, with an app and a book, you can clear your doubts and practice whenever and wherever.

Benefits of using technology to learn piano

Here are some of the things that technology would assist you with if you choose to learn a musical instrument like a piano with the help of it.

  • You have full control over the metronome/tempo. You could also resize the sheet and loop difficult sections.
  • There is an optional keyboard. It lets you see just what keys you need to be hitting. It really helps to speed up the process of learning the piano.
  • You can decide and isolate the role of each hand. You can also tweak the volume according to your liking.
  • You can learn and practice hundreds of famous songs across different genres difficulty levels.
  • The feature where you could slow down the pace of the keys so you could catch up and follow correctly is an important part that allows you to learn in a more relaxed and efficient manner.

Some apps, like the ONE Smart Piano, have LED lights in the piano that help you in figuring out which key is to be played next. Learning the piano is something that involves a lot of attention and hand-eye coordination.

Using technology helps to further develop muscle memory and hand technique. If you would have been going to a teacher to learn the piano, then the whole learning process would have been much different than what it is. You can also try the best piano VST software, which is much affordable than a real piano and does not require room space.

Benefits of using technology for learning musical instruments

We are all aware of the benefits that learning a musical instrument has on you and how important it is for the cognitive growth of young kids. Now, we will focus on how using technology to learn different instruments can help you.

  • Time

If you were learning in a class or had a private tutor that taught you a musical instrument, then on an average you would have been getting an hour’s time. Plus, if you had a doubt, then you would have to wait to clear it with the teacher the next time you see them. But, when you use technology to assist you, you could spend as long as you want to learn and practice the craft.

  • Convenience

Most of the kids take classes to learn musical instruments. It means that they have to get out of the house and travel. If you use apps and other software to learn, then you don’t really have to go anywhere. You could sit in your bedroom and practice all day.

  • Budget

Not only do you have to pay the teacher for learning the musical instrument but you also have to get out of your house and travel. If you add up all the cost, then paying for apps and virtual musical instruments does not seem like a big deal at all.

  • No time limit

When you use technology to help you learn the piano, you can take as long as you need whereas, in a class, you always feel the pressure to move along with the rest of the students. It makes the whole process kind of stressful instead of fun.

Technology as a part of learning instruments and music, in general, is something that is here to stay for a long time. As time passes, we will be able to see the role of technology adapt and change as it is still in its early stages. People now prefer to learn musical instruments from the comfort of their homes at their own paces so that they can enjoy the whole process as well.

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