Lighting Fixtures

You know your home looks add to determine how happy you may be, don’t you? Well, you do and it’s time to start looking at the possibilities of bringing the new look and feel to your home. What do you really think of when you set out to create a good look to your home? Style of furnishing, arrangement, type, paint colors, carpet… Do you remember lighting? Of course you should. It plays an important role in making your home look beautiful. Like windows, the position, type and number of lighting fixtures matters in determining the level of brightness you get in the room.

Deciding which fixture will fit your house more can be sometimes stressful, but knowing these key factors can set you in the right direction to picking what’s right:

  • The theme color of the room
  • The level of natural light already available to the room
  • How each fixture functions and…
  • The room size.

Getting these details will add to influence how your room will look afterwards.

While you are thinking about your room and what lighting options will work best, here are some of the biggest trends of the year that you may like. There’s a combination of trend, beauty and style.

Brass and Glass Vintage Chandeliers

You know how you can just bring a touch of the past to the looks of your new home? Vintage lighting fixtures may just be the go for it.

Houston interior decorator Phil Hudson once said of how lovely the bold pieces from the ’50s, ’60s and ’70s are. He told of how beautiful the lights produced the combination of warm metal and glass can be. They are even very affordable.

LED Lighting

With a type of light that’s not only pleasing to the eyes but mood lifting, this is where form meets functionality, and guess what? The LED light is also twice as pleasing to your wallet.

This fixture is truly a multipurpose and performs better than most other lighting options you know.

‘LED fixtures are by far better than what they were even just a year ago. Manufacturers are leveraging on this light type to provide better temperature (how cool or warm the light appears) and lumen output (the degree of lighting actually produced by the LEDs)” says Josh, San Diego based interior designer. “LEDs bring a whole lot of opportunities to  designers, considering their sizes and easy configuration into uses that are impossible for incandescent or fluorescent fixtures. The fixture combines long life with cost saving ability and low energy as big incentives for home owners and businesses.”

Although most modern lighting fixtures are sleek and modern by design, Josh opines that LEDs flexibility favors it to be used in more traditional fixtures too.

Exterior Lighting

Bringing the internal room style to the outside environment has become more of a trend this year, as people are learning to create more welcoming outdoor spaces.

“while people have learned to light up outside their homes, we are beginning to see increasing number of outdoor spaces being converted to become extensions of the interior. The demand for outdoor living rooms and dinning spaces is increasing,” opines Josh. “People are gradually finding ways to bring the design customization of their home interior right to their outdoor rooms. Designers are creating more chandelier-looking fixtures and table lamps for their exterior usage.”

Nature Inspired

Nothing beats the feel you get from your home when you bring nature’s looks right to your home décor. Combining this nature’s feel with modern elements will bring a special contrast to your room.

“Stones, metal, wood, leather and glass… All these natural elements are indeed trendy in lighting”, opines Hudson. “These elements are really lovely when used in modern geometrical shapes. The clean lines brings the attraction of these natural elements to the house.”

Pendant Lighting

People are learning to bring décors and designs to be unique just for your room need. Giving a little twist to a traditional element will bring something special that is custom just exactly to your home’s need.

“Combining pendants have become an interesting trend. I love the style of hanging several pendants at varying heights to create a unique chandelier”, says Hudson.

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