Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Vs Surface Book
Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Vs Surface Book

The competition between Microsoft and Apple would still persist as it was in the past. Both Windows and Mac have ever been rivals especially in the smartphone market, but Microsoft is aware that people would presently not be tempting to replace their laptops with tablets and the new is its launching of a new tablet having two-in-one feature.

Microsoft certainly made a smart move with a tablet that can be folded up as notebooks. It’s also known that Apple has currently focused on two categories: one tablet and the other notebooks, while it also working on iPad and MacBook.

Microsoft is currently relying on its Surface lineup which is insignificant that now Surface devices have been gaining popularity for the company. This would certainly have forced Apple to bring new flagships every year.

It is worth to note that two of the current Microsoft flagships called, Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, are making a name in the market,and both flagships are the tablet as well as laptop hybrid. Never the less, as per Alphr cited, the Surface Book works same as a workhorse laptop. The Surface Pro 4 can also be used as a laptop though it comes with an attached Type Cover,yet, it is not as perfect as the Surface Book is considered.

The Surface Book is just a head with respect to building a computing power. Another special feature is that Microsoft has provided a detachable keyboard,and the tablet being equipped with two separate batteries which mean that even in laptop mode, the device can be used for a long time than the Surface pro 4.

Moreover, worth notably, the Surface Book is for professionals who are laptop users and the Surface Pro 4 is an ideal tablet for them.

By the end of this article, you are now familiar with both devices sharing almost the same specs and features. They are ranging from Intel processor versions to RAM capacity. Nevertheless, the Surface Pro 4 is mostly a better option for users of portable devices.

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