Here come’s the third amazing robot of Cheetah series. MIT’s cheetah is a lightweight robots series. The new Cheetah 3 loots the show by showing its amazing skills. This robot is blind and it can climb upstairs without seeing the stairs.

Even this robot does this job with no cameras built in. Not only blind but also this robot tackles the obstacles that come in its way. Chetaah 3 is a 90 pounds weighing machine. It comes with a new algorithm.

It navigates the environment with its touch. As a matter of fact, this idea is inspired by insects. In fact, we all know that insects have the ability to navigate their surroundings with touch. Even Human beings who have lost their vision own this special ability.


Keeping that in mind, the team of cheetah generates the idea of this new algorithm. Climbing upstairs for a robot is not a new thing now. In this case, Boston Dynamics’ SpotMini acquires a good fame. But SpotMini uses cameras for avoiding obstacles and moving forward.

The team working on Chetaah 3 thinks if a robot relies too much on its vision. It can slow down its speed. Sangbae Kim, a mechanical engineering professor at MIT designed this robot.

He says “What if it steps on something that a camera can’t see? What will it do?” In addition to this, Kim stats to the media; “That’s where blind locomotion can help. We don’t want to trust our vision too much.”

Cheetah 3 efficiency and purpose:

The purpose of Chetaah 3 is to engage this robot where a human can’t venture. In like manners, this robot can work in deep power plants, do inspections where a human can’t stay for long.

In view of MIT, “Dangerous, dirty, and difficult work can be done much more safely through remotely controlled robots,” That’s why the team used algorithms and sensors to give the robot proprioception.

The robot’s upgrades include changes to its hardware that let it stretch and twist. It also has new predictive algorithms that help the Cheetah 3 change up its gait to keep from tripping or falling over.

The robot shows off its new features in the MIT Video — like its ability to run upstairs, jiggle and twist. Earlier robots of Cheetah broke the land speed record and cleared hurdles nearly two-feet tall. And the blind robot cheetah 3 impresses with its super awesome features.

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