Top 7 Mobile Lottery Applications You Can Download Today

Who doesn’t love the thrill and excitement of a lottery game?

Toto, 4D, Big Sweep, it doesn’t matter. The price of entry is only a few dollars but the buildup leading to the draw is enough to provide a rush of adrenaline.

Want to get an app that can give you improved odds and added lotto features and functionalities? You’ve come to the right place. These apps will allow any Singaporean resident full access to the best online lotteries in the nation and all over the globe.


LottoSuite provides real-time information delivery regarding Mega Millions and Powerball draws straight to your smart phone. Plus, you can open it and take a look at how much your ticket is currently worth.


4DinSingapore is mainly a member site that accurately predicts 4D results in countries like Singapore and Malaysia. These predictions lower the gap between your chances of winning or losing and helps to increase your win rate. In fact, testimonials suggest that members have won within their first 3 tries.

Also, if you’re feeling lost, the website has many several tutorials for new users to follow; so if there’s anything you’re not sure about, there’s plenty of information for users to access to ease their minds.The app is available for download on the iPhone and Android phones and tablets for quick access.

My Lottos

Has a reputation of being one of the most solid lotto apps around. You’ll be able to see the newest lotto results as soon as you open the mobile app.

Lotto Wizard for iPhone

With the Lotto Wizard you get advanced analytical probabilities and statistical reasoning for the most popular winning pattern. There’s no guarantee, but you’ll have a good idea of possible combinations that just might show up in the drawings. International lotteries are supported as well.

LottSim Lottery Simulator

A basic lotto simulator you can use on all types of lottery games.

Pick It! for iPhone

Run the app and simulate popular lottery draws to come up with one of your own. You can save the results for putting down later.

True Random Generator

This app can generate numbers, dice rolls, QR codes and passwords for the most popular chance-based games, including SuperLotto, Mega Millions Powerball, New York, Euro Lotto and more.