Game Genres Played On Mobile

Mobile gaming scene has exploded in the recent years due to being more accessible than their PC or console gaming counterparts.

Here are the most popular game genres played on mobile:

Casual Games

Casual games are perfect for mobile as they only take a few minutes at a time. During these short bursts, you can take the commute to work, wait for someone in a restaurant or play something in the bathroom. Moreover, these games are usually of the pick-up-and-play variety, which means it’s easy to learn and can be quite addictive.

Puzzle Games

Everyone loves a good puzzle every now and then. Players can flex their brains as they try to solve brain teasers such as Match 3’s, Sudoku and Draw Something. It can be as simple as pairing up colors together, ala Candy Crush or Bejeweled or as complex as a point-and-click title.

Online Casino (Slots)

Casino games, slot machines in particular, have existed for decades. It’s only a matter of time before these addicting games made their way to the mobile platform, which makes them doubly accessible to players around the globe. If you’re playing to win big, thrilling prizes, then daftar slot online to unlock the whole genre for you. The daftar slot joker online game is also a perfect website to earn some good cash. Social casino games on Facebook, Google Play and Apple Store are available as well.

Strategy Games

Ever since Clash of Clans gained a billion players, mobile strategy games have gained resurgence. Here, you focus on building an army while managing resources and diplomacy. Once you build enough troops, you can send them to conquer online player’s territory for riches and glory.

Augmented Reality Games

The best example of an AR game is Pokemon Go, where players navigate through real world environment in search of virtual items, or in this case, Pokemon. Nowadays it’s easy to play AR games without needing a VR headset.

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