gadgets that appeared on the market in 2018

Talk of machines taking over jobs currently done by humans has been escalating in the last few years. There are predictions that by the year 2022, over half of all repetitive tasks currently done by humans will be done by machines. Anyone who has seen the most unusual gadgets that made their way into the market in 2018 will not be surprised to hear this. Moreover, there are lots of online communities that take advantages of a website maker like NING to create a platform to discuss all the gadget novelties and create their own gadgets, so the total number of new devices pops up like mushrooms after a spring rain.

Here are some of the most unusual gadgets that are already in people’s homes even though others may still think these are the product of the imaginations of science fiction.

A dog companion


Dog owners always find themselves getting worried that their pets are likely to be lonely when left alone at home. Well, the French start-up CamToy has come up with the answer: Laika. This unusual gadget, whose name comes from the first dog to ever land in space, allows a dog owner to interact with their dog remotely.

Laika is connected to a phone application which allows the dog owner to talk to the dog wherever they are. It is designed in such a way that it will not disturb the dog when it is asleep. When the dog starts barking excessively, you will receive a notification on your phone.

Self-steering coffee mug

Yes, you heard right, it’s a self-steering coffee mug. If you are tired of looking for teaspoons and wondering where you will place them after steering your coffee, you predicament has just come to an end.

So how does the self-steering coffee mug work? You pour all the ingredients into the cup. Once everything you need in your coffee is in, you just press a button on the handle of the cup. The button triggers a tiny battery controlled turbine inside the mug which stirs the coffee. While steering a cup of coffee may not be the hardest job on earth, the truth is that many people are likely to enjoy a little convenience.

Self-driving suitcase

Ask anyone who has been on a 13-hour flight what it feels like to be pulling luggage across airports to connecting terminals and they will tell you this is almost the worst part of any journey. This is the pain that Forward Robotics solved in 2018 with a self-powering suitcase.

As if just making a suitcase that drives itself across the airport was not enough, the CX-1 Carry On, has the capacity to recognize your face. It will also avoid objects. If someone tries to steal it, it will raise an alarm. And on top of it all, it will charge your mobile gadgets when you run out of power.

The listening toilet

Heated toilets have been on the market for some time but Kohler has just taken things a little further with the latest version of the luxury Nuni toilets. Apart from making sure that the seat is heated when you finally sit on it, it will close and open automatically as you approach it. You can also control it with your voice.

What’s next?

What these unusual but cool gadgets show is that the future of technology is exciting. It’s possible that in the next five years, what could have looked like futuristic science fiction like running your whole life from a mobile device only a tear ago, is likely to be the order of the day. It may be time to fasten your seatbelts because things will only get more interesting as we head into the future.