Motion Control Robot

In today’s digital world, more and more businesses choose to buy and adopt motion control robots to get the effect of maximized output and to potentially replace human employees.

Flippy is the first robotic kitchen assistant made by Miso Robitics. The robot is built in such way that it can constantly learn new skills from its surroundings. The robot can flip three hundred burgers per hour and work for one hundred thousand hours on one charge. Long story short, this robot requires no salary and doesn’t take any breaks. Are motion control robots and other robotics a threat to human workers?

We believe that motion control robots will be the obvious choice for future employers. But how will this effect human workers in the future?

The technology is on its way to advance in a way we could never imagine and employers will most likely invest in motion control robots to work for them rather than humans employees. We don’t blame them since the robot can maximize its output and potentially replace human employees altogether.

Another example to strenghten where the future is heading is the Foxconn robot that replaced sixty thousand factory employees according to the BBC.

McDonals’s ex-CEO stated that it’s cheaper to invest in a robotic arm that costs $35.000 than to pay a human employee $15 per hour.

According to DLA Piper Tech Index studies showed that more than fifty percent in the Wester Europe feel the fear of being replaced by robots.

The IFR (International Federation of Robotics) predict a future where robots and humans work together. Since humans are needed to maximize the effect of automation strategies.

Even though robots has already replaces human workers, we still agree with IFR who claims that humans will remain the center to successful automation strategies, to be able to improve productivity and growth. The robot industry will most likely and hopefully lead to better payed- and more fulfilling jobs. We believe that letting robots replace human workers will cause people living a less stressful life.

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