NASA discovers evidence of ice on the moon

Scientists have long believed that water ice could be found deep inside the moon’s poles. This belief was finally confirmed in a recent paper published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on August 20, as the poles of the moon are not exposed to sunlight, NASA discovers evidence of ice on the moon making them incredibly dark and cold.

According to the US Cnet website, temperatures in these areas were usually above-260 degrees Fahrenheit in the past, and scientists found indirect evidence that the Antarctic may contain surface ice, but these observations could be the result of other phenomena.

To show that there is certainly ice at the poles, scientists used NASA data collected from the M3 imaging device during a mission launched in 2008 aboard the Chandrayaan spacecraft. The imaging instrument has the ability to measure the wavelengths of light, giving scientists a way to determine the composition of materials, It helped to find water on the moon in 2009.

NASA discovers evidence of ice on the moon

Ice on the Moon differs in terms of its availability and distribution from the ice on other bodies that do not have an atmosphere in the solar system such as Mercury and the Ceres asteroid, the scientists said in the study published in the National Academy of Sciences journal.

How did NASA discovers evidence of ice on the moon, By studying the reflective properties and the way the molecules absorb light, scientists were able to say conclusively that water ice exists in the poles, with much greater distribution in the Antarctic. The research was conducted by scientists at the University of Hawaii and Brown University in cooperation with NASA’s Ames Research Center.

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