PUBG PC Update

If you are a hardcore fan of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, then you’ll be happy with the latest update that fixes multiple bugs as well as adds new content. This new update, update 21, comes with a vehicle, weapon, weapon attachment, a new mode, multiplayer additions and a reward structure.

In addition, update 21 also comes with a new training feature that enables players to practice different modes without having to worry about the loss of life. In this training mode, you will be taken to a tiny island measuring about 200x200km. The island is split into 14 sectors where you can carry out your practice.

Some of the training include twist road manoeuvring, vehicle speed control, boat steering, off-road driving skills, multiple gun range shootouts, running on rooftops, parachute landing, practice with various melee weapons and testing various grenades among others.

In the 3 maps, you will have the opportunity to try out the devastating MK47 Mutant assault rifle. This rifle can hold 20 rounds per clip of 7.62 calibre ammunition. That’s not all for the rifle because you can use it in 2 modes. That is the 2-round burst modes and the one-shot round. It is worth noting that the rifle will take nearly all assault rifles attachments except the stocks.

As mentioned earlier, the update comes with a new vehicle for Sanhok. This 3-seater Tukashai might be slow, but sure packs a mean punch off-road than the motorbikes.

Further, update 21 includes an objective system which will reward you for any objectives completed in the matches. For example, rescuing a partner a specific number of times. Other than that, there’s a laser light fitted onto the rifles to offer increased accuracy but does come at a cost which is giving away your location.

There’s also a placing feature which allows you mark various targets on your targets. The markers will show up your partners’ compasses as well. With this, you can correctly identify the location of your threats.

This update is only available on PC; however, the game is also on Xbox One. PUBG also launched on Xbox One officially with the 1.0 update which includes Sanhok’s map and weather updates.

Some of the PUBG Update 21 Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where after plugging your Xbox controller to your PC, a drop-down menu wouldn’t appear for you to select the reason on the screen.
  • Fixed the bug where a player on a vehicle would be shown as stationary in another location.
  • Fixed the bug where players could be shown in other locations.
  • Fixed the bug where players underwater were unable to move to shore because the land shown was stuttering.
  • Fixed the bug where players were unable to loot items that fall on a slope or stairs.
  • Fixed the bug where the HP gauge showed red conditions.
  • Fixed the bug where players could on various occasions go through wooden doors while on a scooter.
  • Fixed the bug where the Beryl M762 and the suppressed AKM sounded similar.

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