New Samsung Battery

Have a non-working, dead Samsung S5 battery that you want to replace?

A 100% genuine Samsung battery is the best replacement option, but quite expensive. Expect to pay at least $60 for the original. For this reason, plenty of people are choosing the cheaper $10 alternative ones from Amazon, eBay and the like.

At this price, one can expect to deal with potential risks and battery issues. Replacement batteries for the Galaxy S5 are dangerous. For one, manufacturers often lie about the actual capacity of the battery they sell. Plus, these batteries often don’t have protective chips in order to keep costs down.

As you charge your phone, the overheat can damage the internals of your S5, triggering an explosion that could set fire to your clothes, your furniture or loved ones. In short, your smart phone may blow up in the process. Almost all Samsung phone battery explosions are caused by third-party batteries that come from unknown manufacturers.

Genuine Galaxy S5 Battery Versus Unbranded Battery

Original manufacturer-made batteries should serve you well for around a year or two. Original batteries made by Samsung are efficient, and they’re rated highly against their real mAh value. Off-brand products are much lower in efficiency, offering only up to 60% or less. What’s more, they only last for around 3 to 5 months, even mere weeks, before failing.

The best option is to get original ones made by Samsung, but unfortunately it’s possible that they don’t manufacture them anymore. Your next bet would then be to get a safe battery item sold by 3rd party manufacturers.

Tips To Maintain Your Replacement Battery

  1. Use only the charger your Samsung S5 came with.

  2. Minimize using your phone while it’s being charged.

  3. Don’t charge your Samsung phone using your laptop or computer’s USB ports.

  4. Do a battery discharge, down to 5% level, at least once a month.

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