Chrome developers are working on a Dark Mode version for macOSMojave and it is expected to release in the upcoming Google Chrome versions in early 2019. With the Dark Mode enabled, Google Chrome browser will turn completely dark which will make it easier for nighttime internet users to browser around with less Eye strain and headaches due to a bright screen.

Since Google Chrome 72 is already set for release in January, Dark mode is less likely to be available in that release. Therefore, Google Chrome Dark Mode for macOS Mojave is expected to release in March 2019, the Google Chrome 73.

For those who aren’t aware, Google releases a stable version of Google Chrome every six weeks. Therefore, it’s currently too early for them to implement the Dark Mode in the next release which is in January 2019. However, users can expect it to be available in a Beta version at anytime soon.

Google Chrome Dark Mode on macOS

That being said, Google developers are currently having a hard time finding a solution for Chrome’s Incognito Mode since it comes in a dark color. With Dark Mode enabled, it will be hard for users to differentiate between Incognito Mode and normal internet browsing mode.

At this time, third-party dark themes are available for Google Chrome on the web store. However, the omnibox box would always remain in white color as it’s not allowed by Google to be themed.

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