Google just introducedit’s all new WordPress plugin called “Site Kit” for webmasters. The plugin will allow it’s users to integrate their websites to Google Search Console, Analytics, AdSense, and PageSpeed Insights. That being said, Google says it is “Bringing the best of Google tools to WordPress”.

Google Site Kit Features

With the Site Kit plugin, webmasters can get authoritative and up-to-date recommendations directly from Google. It will show the main key metrics and insight from four different Google products, which are Search Console, Analytics, AdSense and PageSpeed Insights.

Google Site Kit Features

Search Console

Instead of users having to go to Google Search Console manually, webmasters can track each page of their site directly from this plugin. It will show users on how Google systems discovered and rendered the page and give you an insight on how many people saw the page in Search results, along with the searched keywords.

Google Site Kit Search Console


Website owners can see users activity on their website with the Analytics option directly with the Site Kit plugin. This will help webmasters see if their conversion goals are met or not.

Google Site Kit Analytics


AdSense earnings can now be seen directly from the WordPress dashboard, all thanks to the Google Site Kit plugin. If the user’s website is earning low, it will give you instant recommendations to increase revenue in real time.

PageSpeed Insights

Since website speed is now a ranking factor, the PageSpeed Insight feature will give webmasters actional tips to improve a website’s performance for betting search engine ranking and user experience. Each Pagespeed Insight is compared to other real-world websites.

Download Google Site Kit plugin for WordPress

Google hasn’t released the plugin for download yet as it’s still under development. However, webmasters can join the Beta program that will open to beta testers in early 2019. Google stated that the plugin will be free for download and will be open source.

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