HMD global developer of Nokia phones offers an updated version of the popular live Snake game

The classic live game reaches the new Facebook enhanced effect platform for the Facebook camera. Update the iconic live game on the Facebook camera.

HMD World, the developer of Nokia handsets, has announced that it has updated the classic iconic game by adopting AR technology to experience more fun than before. The update will include the introduction of Snake Mask and Snake Real World filters that will bring this iconic game to a new generation of fans.

This great game will still offer the same fun that you get to hang out with, but with the enhanced reality feature, game lovers can now switch to live and eat apples to score points. The Mask uses the new AR enhanced effects on the Facebook camera to provide the live game to the largest number of people.

HMD global developer of Nokia phones offers an updated version of the popular live Snake game
Do you walk around the zoo? Or relaxing on the beach? Do you live on board a plane? Now everything is possible on a Facebook camera. What’s more, you can now use live streaming on Facebook to publish your videos on your own page and invite your friends to join you directly

In the heart of the event

In addition, the whole new Snake Mask uses the front camera of Nokia smartphones with Android ™, allowing them to switch to an iconic avatar, and interestingly, the mask will move with the player’s facial expressions. The Real Real World filters do the back camera for the smartphone.

To celebrate the launch of the updated live classic game, the comedian and the beloved character on YouTube Matt Kick, who gained fame following the release of his video I Live, managed to harvest more than 23 million views on YouTube, Facebook, where he re-filmed the most famous video this time using the filter Snake Mask, to review this wonderful new feature.

Pika Rantala, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Executive Officer of HMD stated that,

The game is now more interesting than before. This is the first time that a live game has reached a global channel in its history, rather than preloading it onto a device. Today it has captured more than 121 million players worldwide.

We are now launching a more exciting and exciting experience for game lovers, as we have increased the thrill by enabling them to become life and actually eat apples using the filters available on the Facebook camera. At HMD World we brought you the most beloved and popular iconic game around the world to the enhanced reality era the new. Pika Rantala, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Executive Officer of HMD.

Camera effects can be accessed via a globally available Facebook camera for all smartphones, including Nokia smartphones, available on the Android and iOS operating system.

HMD International encourages all players to share their movements in all places, even unfamiliar ones while playing and posting them using the #imasnake2 tag.

How to Play Snake Mask?

  • Open the Vespo app
  • Click on the camera icon on the left side at the top to turn on Facebook Camera
  • Go to Snake Mask
  • Go and start playing

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