Online Chicken Ingredients - The Benefits and Harm

Someone firmly believes in the benefit of chicken broth and honors exclusively chicken skewers, and for some it seems that the chicken is literally stuffed with antibiotics, hormones and something else (but definitely harmful and terrible), and therefore you need to eat only soy sausages and corn. Millions of opinions. But the reality is that chicken meat is just a diet product that is available to almost everyone on earth.

And like any other food product, chicken has both advantages and disadvantages. In them we will understand, right after we learn to choose chicken meat and discuss the purpose of each part of the carcass …

How to choose a chicken in the store?

How to choose a chicken in the store?

Let’s mention that the word “store” means any outlet where chicken meat or offal is sold. Be it a market, a shop near the road or a supermarket.

So, let’s get started.

To choose a truly high-quality chicken, you need to have only one “tool” – your eyes. Why only eyes? Because the nose in this situation is simply not capable of an adequate assessment: the frozen chicken does not smell, and the “fresh” one can be smeared with some kind of filth that masks a bad smell.

If, by some miracle, you still manage to smell the flesh, it is better to refuse to purchase such a chicken.

Through the eyes you can see the skin color of the chicken, from which you can almost always understand whether the product is good or spoiled. Normal chicken should have white skin. A slightly yellowish shade is also allowed. If the chicken skin is stained (no matter what color), then it is better to bypass such a carcass side.

This leads us to the conclusion that chickens should be sought only in transparent packages through which you can at least see something.

In addition, healthy chicken should have rounded thighs and breasts, pale pink meat and a normal constitution (with no obvious flaws). You can also order Chicken meat from Romania at your door step.

Chicken in the kitchen

Acquired chicken, despite its modest size, it is advisable to divide into many pieces, after which each piece is used to prepare certain dishes (if you do not plan to fry the chicken whole, of course).

Fillet, thighs and tibia of a young chicken usually go for chops, salads, chops, pilaf and stews.

Chicken offal and back give a wonderful fat to all kinds of broths and soups. And the older the chicken, the broth turns out to be rich.

In addition, before the initial cutting of the chicken, you can remove the skin and stuff it with mushrooms, minced meat or potatoes.

And now you can talk about the benefits…

The utility of the chicken lies in its amino acid composition, in particular in a large amount of glutamine, which, together with vitamin B3, stimulates the nervous system and slows down the aging of body cells.

In addition to its valuable amino acid composition, chicken is very rich in calcium. But valuable calcium is not contained in the meat itself, but in soft bones and cartilage, which is very easy to chew.

And most importantly, proteins, vitamins and minerals (including calcium) are perfectly absorbed by the human body, preventing diseases such as gout, ulcer, diabetes, polyarthritis, atherosclerosis, hypertension and a number of heart diseases.

As for the cons of chicken, there are only two: antibiotics and hormones. True, these minuses today are characteristic of any meat that is “mined” industrially.

Important:do not buy domestic chickens, because there is a high probability of catching salmonellosis. Well, if you already bought, then fry the chicken “to exhaustion” …

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