Online Tips On How to Clean the Strap of a Watch

Before we get to the job with cleaning, we need to know the material our belt is made of. As you know, there are different types of strap: imitation leather straps, straps of some type of fabric such as nylon, metal straps, or plastic straps. So, in this article, I am going to be showing you the easy ways to clean the straps of your watches without damaging your precious watch – regardless of the type of material they are made from. Let’s get in!

How to Clean the Leather Strap of My Watch

How to Clean the Leather Strap of My Watch

If your strap is made of genuine leather, the best way to clean it is with a cloth moistened with water: you will slowly rub the areas with the most dirt and, once clean, you will let the belt dry somewhere away from sunlight. If the belt has more difficult to clean stains, you can apply a small amount of neutral soap with the rag and then rinse it with water (putting the strap under the tap). In this case, it is also advisable to let it dry in a place away from sunlight.

Once the leather strap of the watch is clean, it is advisable to moisturize it with some kind of nourishing cream for the skin. Personally, we recommend this, unless the strap is buff; This nourishing cream, if applied very well, does not leave gobs and helps keep the skin hydrated. However, it should be taken into account that this kind of products usually always darken the skin treated with them a little.

As you can see, cleaning the leather strap for your watch is very simple and fast; we only need a cloth, water, soap and some type of specific product that moisturizes the skin like the one indicated above. With this cleaning, the strap of your watch will have a long life.

How to Clean the Leatherette Strap of My Watch

As you know, the imitation leather is an imitation of the skin, it is not genuine leather, so it does not have the same properties. What does this mean? First, you can not apply moisturizers to re-enhance their color. For this kind of belts, we can only recommend cleaning with soap and water for dark spots. This kind of imitation leather belts tends to age much worse and usually have cracks after a few years. As it is not genuine leather straps, its cost is much lower, so if you see that with soap and water is not cleaned, we recommend changing it for a new one.

How to Clean the Plastic Strap of My Watch

How to Clean the Plastic Strap of My Watch

Like the leatherette straps, plastic straps tend to be more problematic for cleaning and we can only resort to water and soap. To clean the plastic straps, we do not usually use rags, we place them directly under the tap and rub our hands over the dirtiest areas. Once this process is done, we let it dry and ready. This type of belts tends to crack over time; If this is your case, you need to find plastic straps as spare parts for the watch.

How to Clean the NATO Or Nylon Strap of My Watch

Here we will be more practical: from our experience, the best way to clean these types of belts is, first, to separate the watch strap and then put it inside the pocket of a pair of pants that you have to wash and wash!! Yes, I know that may sound awkward, but it WORKS!!

How to Clean the Metal or Steel Strap of My Watch

How to Clean the Metal or Steel Strap of My Watch

The metallic belts are characterized by their extreme durability. This is one of the reasons many people prefer to buy the Tudor watches because of their steel straps; they know it is going to serve them longer. However, if we want to keep its bright appearance and have it as the first day despite the passage of time, it is very advisable to clean it with some assiduity.

To start, clean the steel strap with a damp cloth to remove traces of dust. This is advisable to do it often, as the accumulation of dust can cause damage to the belt, especially microscopic scratches.

Since the watch strap touches the skin directly, it can be damaged or soiled by perspiration or dust. The lack of care can cause the bands to deteriorate faster, stain the edge of the sleeve of your shirt, or cause skin irritation. We recommend you follow the precautions indicated below to maintain the best condition of the belt for as long as possible.

To prevent rust, you should wipe away moisture, dirt, or sweat with a soft cloth. For you to clean the band, use neutral detergent (mixed with a little water) to the metal bands or bracelets when you notice spots on the surface. For heavy stains, it is advisable to use a toothbrush and remove the stain accumulated in the spaces of the segments of the band. Do not forget to protect the head of the watch from moisture that may enter it by wrapping it in plastic.

After washing, special care should be taken to clean the spaces between the segments of the bracelet and the band with a towel and dry the entire watch thoroughly.

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