Online Tools And Websites That Can Help Your Business Grow

Entrepreneurs and small to mid-sized businesses can reap many advantages from utilizing the internet and all available resources. Check out these online tools and websites to help operate, manage, and market your company.

Delancey Street

Do you sometimes have that light bulb idea that requires a tidy sum? Delancey Street is a reliable site that can provide you capital funds whenever an opportunity with a big client or a flash of inspiration strikes. There are no application fees, collateral or personal guarantees to speak of. Simply pitch your financial request and Delancey Street will give you a reply within 6 hours. If approved, funding will be released within 24 hours.


Groove tackles email like never before. As a business you wouldn’t want to miss out on important emails, or else risk getting a missed sale, a bad review or lost profits. Groove is a free help desk software that contains everything you need to run customer service tickets. Transform your email into an automated customer service platform with added features such as SMS, phone, live chat and social media integration.


Hootsuite’s free package is replete with features that allow you to manage your social media accounts in a single dashboard. What’s more, auto-scheduling can post to various social media accounts in advance. You can also utilize tools that provide data that can drive brand exposure, engagement and revenue.


Dropbox has a free plan that all businesses must get. In it, you get 2GB of free space, where you can put files and documents on the cloud and access them anytime. Dropbox eliminates the need to put your most important data in removable devices such as flash drives and portable HDDs. With Dropbox, you and your team will be able to access files via laptops, tablets and mobile phones even when you’re mobile or on the go.

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