OPPO Gravity Project will provide 1 billion support resources to attract global developers

At OPPO’s first developer conference this morning, OPPO announced its “Gravity Plan” and said it would provide a billion yuan worth of support resources to global developers.

According to Duan Yaohui, vice president of Internet Business Department of OPPO, at the meeting, by November 2018, OPPO had accumulated more than 27,000 global patents, 250 million mobile phone users worldwide each month, and more than 200 million users downloaded them through OPPO software stores and game centers every month.

OPPO software

Intelligent service ecosystem is a new mobile Internet ecosystem. It is based on open platform and cloud ecosystem, providing direct and personalized intelligent services for users. For smartphone kiosk manufacturers, to make a good smartphone product, they need to integrate their own superior resources in software, hardware and services, cooperate with upstream and downstream partners and developers of the joint industry, and build a future intelligent service ecosystem with developers.

At this conference, OPPO issued the “Gravity Program”, which aims to provide a billion yuan worth of support resources to the world’s top developers. In many fields, such as application cooperation, independent games, mini-game intermodal transport, fast applications, application going to sea and so on, OPPO attracts more excellent developers to join by means of support and concession.

Although OPPO is a hardware company that makes mobile phones, its huge monthly number of live users makes it an Internet company. OPPO believes that the future ecosystem of mobile Internet is an intelligent service ecosystem, and services will become lightweight, direct and personalized.

OPPO software stores

OPPO held the developers’ conference and issued the “Gravity Plan”, mainly to attract more excellent developers to join and build an intelligent service ecosystem in the application cooperation, independent games, small game intermodal transport, fast application, application going to sea and other fields by means of support and concession.

In addition, according to Duan Yaohui, OPPO’s R&D investment next year will increase from 4 billion yuan this year to 10 billion yuan, and will increase year by year.

OPPO big plan will attract talented developers all over the world. This is also a great advertising for it;s brand. OPPO smart phone will be another hot pot in every cities. So start a retail kiosk in mall will be a good opportunity in smart phone business.

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