Cable, DSL, Fiber And Satellite

The type of service you’ll be getting will come up when choosing the right ISP. There are quite a few options to choose from- Satellite, DSL, Cable and Fiber Internet will come up one way or another. Each one has its own pros and cons, depending on your internet usage and needs. Any of the service types can be added to DISH packages for a well-rounded entertainment.


Cable internet technology works by sending data through co-axial cables, the same ones that deliver your cable TV content. High bandwidth means you get faster speeds as compared to DSL, satellite and sometimes even fiber internet. The only caveat though, is that cable companies share the same line and bandwidth, which means you get slower speed during peak times and if your neighbors are using the same service from the same company.


DSL internet works by sending data via phone cables, like the ones you see on dial-ups but on a higher frequency. Nowadays, it’s entirely possible to use your phone lines and the internet at the same time. Due to having a wider bandwidth, DSL works quickly when doing light tasks, such as browsing and sending the occasional email.

Fiber Internet

Fiber offers the fastest speed there is for commercial consumption. Using fiber optic cords, internet companies send data digitally as compared to analog signals that cable and DSL companies use. There’s very little to no latency involved. The only downside is that fiber isn’t widely available, and it’s more expensive.


Satellite internet technology works via a satellite feed to bounce the signal from the hub straight to the dish installed in your home. Satellite’s best feature is the fact that it works anywhere without needing a phone line. Data transmission quality and speed is not dependent on time or the number of users. It’s great for locations that are rural but has the same service costs as fiber.

Getting internet with your Dish TV is really simple. With DISH network internet, you get two modern conveniences in one bill that’s backed by a 2-year guarantee.