flight 914
flight 914

Curiosity and wondering about mysterious things is natural for a human being. Any incident that seems not to be normal attracts everyone towards itself. The incidents that remain unexplained become myths. But every myth later or sooner is exposed and reality comes to the light.

Most of us know about the mysterious flight number 914 of PAN American Airways. That Flight Suddenly disappear in 1955 and landed on Caraga Venezuela South America after 37 years. It was a mystery wondering on the internet. Making everybody shocked what happened?

Some people called it was a time travel. Some said the flight had landed in Bermuda triangle and was able to escape after 37 years. Then what was the reality? Was it really a myth? or a lame scandal? Well, the researches have made it possible for us to get to the truth very easily.

In this article, we’ll explain the reality of that myth. And the mystery behind flight 914. There are many proofs shown at different times. This was to assure people that it was a true incident. But people who are passionate about knowing the reality behind myths started investigating the facts. And soon it was revealed that this incident was nothing but a lie. Now let’s have a look at the facts that prove this was a lie:

Pan American Airways Records:

Pan American Airways
Pan American Airways

The first question that raised in researchers’ mind was how is that possible, a plane suddenly disappears and no one in the company’s crew cares about it. So they started checking records of Pan Airways. If you want to know about these records. Just search Pan American Airways in Google/Wikipedia.

You’ll get all the records about flights, details of flights, incidents, and accidents. There was no Flight number 914 ever in PAN American Airways. I also tried to confirm this. I searched each and every platform where we can get information about plans and accidents. But not a single source tells about this incident.


Can you believe that such an incident must not be covered by the news? Certainly not. But its true, there is not a single news about the disappearance of Flight 914. The flight takes off on July 22, 1955.

Carrying 4 crew members and 57 passengers, the flight suddenly disappears. But not a single newspaper covers the incident on 23rd, 24th or even 25th of July 1955. You can find out old newspapers in libraries references the given dates. You won’t find any news about this incident.

Only one newspaper reports the incident in 3 different years:

Let’s suppose we had a plane that landed after 37 years. But there was only one newspaper to cover the story. Not only this but also they have published the same article in three different years.

The first article was published in 1985, with the headline “Pane took off from NewYork in 1955 and landed in 1985,” it means according to the first article the plane landed after 30 years. But the same newspaper published the same article in 1992 and then 1993 saying Plane landed after 37 years.

The newspaper that published this fictional story was Weekly World News. It was famous for publishing such fictional articles. This newspaper started in 1979 and was closed in 2007.


There are many other questions but I hope they’d be solved after these facts. Because if an incident is fake there is no need to think about;

  • Where was the plane for this 37 years?
  • How was the plane still running without any fuel?
  • Strange thing? They were the same people who had boarded the plane and hadn’t aged! Yes, they did not age!
  • Were they missing or went stranded to an unknown location? And how did they survive these many years?
  • Does it have something to do with time elapse?

In the end, I’d say, Never believe anything unless you confirm it.