Panasonic PBX systems

In the past, PBX units were switching systems that had multiple extensions using a phone company’s line. The so-called “trunk line” tied employees to their desks as they answered calls and made outgoing ones.

Nowadays, modern PBX systems, otherwise known as the PABX System connects through an existing data network instead of a traditional phone line. Businesses can then make use of headsets or IP desk phones as their nature required. Smartphones are called in the fray to serve as PBX extensions when needed. An IP PBX telephony that has SIP support built in can connect to the IP telephony. New VoIP systems provide businesses features such as call conferencing, call management, access to voicemail and even limited email.

Advantages of Using an IP-PBX System For Your Small Business

Panasonic PBX systems offer the best solution for SMBs for delivering the following benefits:

Big Savings

PBX systems are quite cost-effective for their initial investment. Employees will know how to use a PBX system once it’s installed, thanks to a user-friendly interface and hosted options that won’t require maintenance or installation by a technician.


PBX systems can ride the company’s internet broadband connection to make outgoing or long-distance calls, allowing broader communication even from remote locations.

Productivity Boost

PBX telephone systems increase communication quality between employees, staff and departments, which lead to a better and more productive working process. You can be sure that enterprise productivity will improve once a capable PBX system is in place.

Privacy Protection

One key feature in using IP-PBX units is that calls are encrypted for informational security. Small to mid-sized businesses can rest assured that their business model, strategic content and private information is kept away from prying eyes.


The Panasonic PBX system serves as a good foundation for SMBs with future growth in mind. You can get more phone lines and more features to scale with your business demands. IP-PBX systems can peak call volumes with ease, and advanced applications can easily be integrated within existing platforms.

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