PC Gaming Motherboards Can’t Handle Game, Magic: The Gathering

There are quite a few card games for those into the fantasy role playing. Epic, Star Wars: Destiny, Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn, and Mage Wars are just few of the most popular. However, none are quite as popular as Magic: The Gathering cards game. Millions of people have played MTG since its creation and moving into the digital world, many want an app version. However sweet the idea, it won’t be happening anytime soon. According to BallerStatus.com, PC gaming motherboards can’t handle the world’s best fantasy role playing game, Magic: The Gathering.

Why can’t devices handle it?

Top consumer gaming Motherboards of today are very powerful. They can handle running small operations within a fraction of a second. However, it was found by 3 Atlanta students, there are too many operations to run with Magic: The Gathering. The fantasy role playing card game has had over 2 billion cards printed for worldwide distribution since its creation. Of those 2B’s, players of the game on reddit estimate just over 15.4K are original pieces.

The large number of possibilities revolving around which unique playing cards one can have in a 60 card deck, make it the most complex game in the world. For every single card a person can play from the sixty, there is the possibility of over 15,400 cards a competitor could retaliate with. Each retaliation can be met with that equal share of variable.

Each of these card play variables is represented by a math equation in a personal computer operating system. Three University students from the UK and US recently studied “Magic: The Gathering” to see if they could make it a game for PC. The trio began by creating a formula to determine the number of equations a computer would have to go through, to play a human competitor. What was found by the Gaming team, a computer would not be able to process all the options possible in battle. At some point the variables would become too many. As a user might ‘power up’ with a stacked card or cast a spell on the computer’s cards, the millions of options would make it impossible for a PC gaming motherboard to determine it’s best option. In short, the ocean is too deep for technology to swim in.

World’s Most Complex Game

The findings of these University Students’ studies have made “Magic: The Gathering” card game, the most complex game in the world. It’s a rare instance where a PC has it’s intelligence exposed as lacking efficiency in comparison to human ability. At this moment of time, the tech world has not released a consumer friendly item that can play this game versus a human at a higher level of play.

If these students or any others were to come up with a solution, it’s said that the idea would be worth billions of dollars. MTG is one of the most popular role playing games in the world. There are millions of people who would immediately download this game in app version, first week. It would be the first time users could play competition globally on a daily basis.

For now however, there are ‘Magic: the Gathering’ tournaments. Visit the MTG website, Wizard.com and see the official schedule of events. See the video below to view the 2019 Mythic championship.

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