An image of the Philadelphia experiment.
Survivors: Al Bielek claimed that he became an unwitting witness to the experiment.

Today with a new topic and in a new section we discussed Philadelphia experiment. Many people talk about Philadelphia experiment that:-

  • What happened in Philadelphia experiment?
  • Who did this?
  • Where did the ship go?
  • How many soldiers were Dead in it?

What is Philadelphia Experiment?

The Philadelphia experiment is the story based on time travel and teleportation. Philadelphia experiment was done by U.S navy at the Philadelphia naval shipyard in Philadelphia Pennsylvania on 29 October 1943. The experiment was performed on U.S Navy destroyer escort USS Eldridge.

They performed experiment because they want to make USS Eldridge invisible to the enemy. This experiment was a top-secret experiment. The ship was equipped with large generators as part of a top-secret mission.

The generators were designed to create new kind of magnetic field. That would make USS Eldridge invisible to the enemy radar system.

What actually happened in Philadelphia experiment?

philadelphia experiment what actually happened
philadelphia experiment what actually happened

The time of experiment there were 200+ soldiers in USS Eldridge. In the first experiment, the unique method of electrical field manipulation allowed the USS Eldridge invisible.
The second experiment was teleportation and time travel.

The teleportation engines designed by Einstein, the device enable the ship to create the magnetic field using a technique called degaussing. The USS Eldridge was covered with large cables and zapped with high-voltage charge.

So the ship wouldn’t be invisible to radar, but undetectable by the boats magnetic torpedoes. When the researchers start the process they started generators and gave high voltage current to hundreds of meters of cable wire around the ship, which cause electric field manipulation, the devices lock to the earth magnetic field.

Al Bielek (Survivor of Experiment) said that Tesla gave von Neumann a cryptic warning about a “personal problem” that might occur in their experiment, but They continued anyway and the Navy trained a crew specifically for the operation.

Al Bielek
Al Bielek

Process start and green, ozone-laden haze shown around the ship. Destroyer disappeared. It traveled through time and then rematerialized. Magnetic field cause green haze around the ship. Einstein wants to change in space and earth time. Interested fact is the Eldridge appeared in Norfolk, Virginia, 200 miles away.

green Haze Around The Ship
green Haze Around The Ship

Upon its return, the sailors saw some of the Soldiers Were Ill, All of them were in the critical stage of life, many were dead some of them were bounded with the ship.


Did the Philadelphia experiment open wormhole?

In theory, Philadelphia experiment opens a wormhole to Virginia and wrapped space-time. This Eldridge disappeared from Philadelphia to Virginia in the blink of an eye.


Due to this experiment, 200+ soldiers were dead, that’s why govt closed the experiment and listed it top secret experiments, it will be a myth if Al Bielek couldn’t be exposed it to the world. After that Al Bielek disappeared.

Question: Who did this?

U.S Govt performed this Experiment to make their ship invisible and Destroy German Armed Forces in the world war 2. Nikola Tesla and Einstein helped In this experiment.

Shocking Facts:

  • The ship traveled 200+ miles in a blink of the eye.
  • 99% were dead.
  • Survivors were all in the critical stage of life.
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