Google has been rumoured to be working on a new Pixel phone for sometime now. Since the introduction of the Pixel lineup, the company has maintained two phones: a normal sized handset and a larger version of the same. With three generations of the Pixel being released, no other smartphone manufacturer has been able to beat Google at the camera game.

Fresh rumours now state that, Google is set to soon release a cheaper, smaller version of the Pixel 3. The device will reportedly be named “Pixel 3 Lite”, however, the release date and the pricing of the phone remain a mystery. The pictures of the device have leaked heavily till date, and it is rumoured to be using the same camera as on the other two models.

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Pixel 3 camera
Pixel 3 camera

Who wouldn’t love a cheaper phone compared to the Pixel 3 but with the same amazing camera? It definitely sounds like a really good idea to get more people to join the “Pixel” bandwagon. The Pixel being a great device: software made by Google and top notch in every department. However, the device hasn’t done well at the stores like the Samsung S9 and Apple’s iPhone X.

It was initially speculated that, Google might release the Pixel 3 Lite at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2019 but that didn’t happen. Android Police has reported that, the Pixel 3 Lite at launch will be available in Verizon stores. Recently, FCC filings of the same leaked which show several models of the phone. However, at the actual launch, Google may actually release just two of them: Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 XL Lite.

Google has asked for the FCC information to remain confidential until 24th of August, 2019. The Verge speculates that, the device could very well be launched along with the Pixel 4.

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