Better Udemy

When it comes to creating an online course, the best content creators are the ones who look ahead.

Who would have thought creating an online course could earn you a nice income on the side month after month. All from just sharing your knowledge.

Don’t just think about how your online course will perform, start thinking about the future. If you want your profits to grow exponentially, you’ll need to make sure you get started with a platform that provides you the best source of revenue.

Presently, I’m in the process of creating and selling my first digital virtual class. Initially, I was really excited about the idea of creating my very first class but over time I’ve found that this was harder than I initially thought.

One struggle I’m dealing with is what kind of platform I want to put my class on. One of the first platforms I came across a while back was Udemy. However, I recently came across another platform called Plantoost that also provides a lot of great benefits as well.

Plantoost is an up-and-coming online learning marketplace that provides digital courses and workshops to students, professionals, and life long learners. Classes range from coding to drawing to memory improvement, the sciences, and basically anything. There are free and paid classes on the marketplace, many of which, created by industry experts themselves.

As you can assume, this led me to do a little bit more research and in this post, I’m going to share the things I’ve learned from this and also talk about which platform I plan to put my future class on.

So if you’re in a similar situation, keep reading.

Overall Platform Is Pretty Good for Instructors

I have to admit I was delighted at their user interface. It definitely wasn’t a perfect experience but it was pretty darn easy to create a class, be it a workshop or course. There were no annoying 10-15 minute popups and I was guided with tooltips that explained every process in detail. The table of contents or curriculum was easy to work on, the videos played well at the default size and I was also able to create an article lesson without any video.

Various Pricing Options

As for pricing, I was able to create an original price plus one with discount. When there’s a discount, the promotional price will show up on my class’s page. If you’re not ready with your class content, you can also put it up as a pre-order option. That way, you can offer pre-order deals to your loyal students or perhaps gauge to see if there’s demand for your class content before release.

No Plantoost Branding

Now, I have been hearing about other e-learning companies branding the instructors’ intellectual property with their logo. With Plantoost, that isn’t happening. Every single video I uploaded, had no Plantoost logo as part of the video’s watermark. Also, your students are your students. What’s there to complain when they’re going to actively market your classes as well?

Plantoost is starting off as a small online education marketplace with a couple of classes but it is looking to grow into a complete marketplace that covers almost every aspect of online education for learners. Looking at the success of many early believers in companies like Udemy that have gone big, rewarding many of its early adopters, I wouldn’t hesitate to pick Plantoost as my platform moving forward.

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