Plex App Announced for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile
Plex App Announced for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile

The top media streaming services position was held by Plex on Windows, but now with changing scenario since Windows 10 is there with universal apps, the company is about to announce an app with a particular purpose to mobile devices and PCs.

Plex universal app is presently working but beta testers are required before its addition lives at the store, while users who are eager to check it out can join the testing program by registering themselves with Plex via email address as well as can use Window Store account for its download.

The company reportedly being said that, after months of hard work, we are excited to announce that we’re opening the beta for the native client built specifically for Windows 10.

The company in one of its statement further maintained that “In order to help us identify and work out any links, we’ve decided to publish a new app which can be installed side-by-side with the current app. This way the community will be able to easily try it out and let us know their feedback, without any concerns about breaking their current app.”

Plex App Optimization of Windows 10

At present, the company holds that only the desktop version is available to be put under testing, yet, the company is promising that a mobile version is also under discussion so that to estimate the dependency of the first build stuff with respect to development, though it is unpredictable whether the Windows 10 Mobile would be able to get the app.

Windows devices are still laid with Plex apps, but the new one is specifically designed for Windows 10 in order to make possible that the team working on it has plans for and having a strong sense of harmony with the new operating system. For similar purposes, Plex would be able to strive for the use of Cortana and could find the support for all of its new features to Windows 10.

The date announcement regarding the Plex app for Windows 10 going live is not made yet, but won’t take much time to go on our Windows 10 devices, because the beta program has already started.