Programmable Thermostat

When taking a glance at a list of programmable thermostat reviews available in the market, all seem to give a great look and promise to save your utility bill efficiently. But, are they actually the energy misers as they claimed to be? Let’s find out an answer below now!

Average savings – the BIG unknown

First of all, you need to know that a programmable thermostat is not a magic device that might alter the laws of physics to use less energy. The only method that it can do is to cool and heat less. That means if setting the temperature lower during heating and higher during cooling, this device will save your money.

When installing the thermostat in your home, it will “watch” when you leave and come home or when you’re awake and sleeping to adjust the temperature ideally. Of course, it will never forget or get lazy to perform its duty.

Try to take some examples here!

  • A study by Nest pointed out that their customers can save an average of 10-12% on heating costs and 15% on AC costs.
  • Meanwhile, the Ecobee3, another leading smart wifi thermostat, affirms some bold claims on its energy savings. Ecobee declares that their Ecobee3 can help to save more than 23% on your utility bills. And their claim has relied on a household that sets their current thermostat on a fixed temperature of 720F all year long.
  • How about Honeywell programmable thermostats? When comparing RTH8580WF vs RTH6580WF, it can be said that both devices work great in saving your money on heating and cooling, up to 33%.

But, are these figures truly exact? Continue following us to know now!

Money saving with programmable thermostats – Yes or No?

As you know, the programmable thermostats do bring the potential to save your money. However, they might cost more in some cases. Hence, the secret to success is how you use them correctly.

Another study by Energy Star, about 45% of a home’s energy is used for cooling and heating that costs about $2,100 to $2,500 each year. However, a considerable part of that goes to cooling and heating unused spaces. For instance, you don’t need to cool or heat the whole of your house when you’re sleeping or when you are at work.

Remember that you will use 1% less energy if you turn the thermostat down for every 10F. That means if you decrease the heating by 100F at night, you will avail 10% less energy. As long as you use accurately, the programmable thermostats can help to save 10-30% on your utility bills.

Can you indeed attain this number?

Well, it’s a bit difficult at first.

According to EPA, consumers are advised that using a programmable thermostat can save from 10 to 30% of their utility bills. However, when being reliant on correct use, there needs to be more data to improve substantial savings claims.

Some studies point out that these thermostats only save from 6.2 to 6.8%; meanwhile, a Florida study affirmed that those who had the programmable thermostat used an average of 12%.

And the reason why these devices save your money depends on how much time you are at home. So, how to use it correctly?

A great guideline for winter months is to set the programmable thermostat to about 680F when you are at home and lower (about 10-120F) when you’re away or sleeping. And remember to set it to turn on the heat about one hour before you get home or get up. During summer months, make sure to establish the base temperature around 780F and warmer when you’re asleep and not home.

In summary

It’s time to reduce your utility bill by installing the programmable thermostat in your house. Of course, you also receive other benefits for your comfort from using this smart device. In case you still use the manual thermostat, consider carefully and then turn to the new programmable thermostat after checking the available programmable thermostat reviews online.

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