The proper way of handling late parcel delivery or missing goods

Have you paid for some goods from an online retailer and not received them in due time? Retailers sometimes fail to communicate well when you rely on them to deliver products. It can be annoying if you need the parcel to use for a specific occasion. As a customer, you should have a say on the matter and avoid being inconvenienced by such retailers. Here is what you should do in different scenarios when you are not satisfied with the parcel delivery.

Make a parcel complaint

When your parcel is not delivered on time is to get in touch with the retailer. This helps you make a verbal complaint to let them know that you are yet to receive the goods you ordered. Request them politely to take immediate action and solve the situation.

According to the Consumer Rights Act, a retailer should deliver your parcel within 30 days after you place an order if you don’t give them a particular time frame. If the retailer fails to comply with this regulation, you can try to be lenient with them by giving them a further deadline for them to fulfill their part. The timeframe you set depends on the item you ordered and its purpose.

As you extend the time frame and show some leniency, do not fail to hesitate that the delivery is late so that they don’t take your kindness for granted. Come up with a reasonable date for them to make a re-delivery. If you need the item for a specific occasion that is urgent, you need to give them details so that they understand the urgency. If you complain to the retailer politely without raising negative emotions, they may deliver the parcel promptly.

Seek a refund

Seek a refund

After making your complaint directly and the retailer fail to deliver, you are entitled to get a refund. If you gave them a reasonable time frame for them to re-deliver the parcel and the go silent on you, you need to cancel the order and try to get your money back.

As the consumer, you have the right to terminate the contract based on non-delivery. You are entitled to receiving the full amount you paid for the parcel without delay. Let the retailer know that you consider the contract terminated if they fail to redeliver the goods within the time frame that you both agreed on.

You can claim for a refund by writing a brief letter to them. Add all the relevant details such as your name, address, order number, and specific dates such as when you placed the order and when the parcel should have been delivered. In the refund letter, also include the urgency of the delivery and indicate the exact amount you need a refund.

Did you show urgency when placing the order? Ask for your money back

You may need a specific good urgently for a certain need. For instance, you may have ordered decorations for a wedding happening soon. When placing the order with a certain retailer, you should tell them the specific date you need the decorations for the wedding. If you made this clear during your purchase and they fail to deliver on time, you should not give them a second chance to make the delivery due to the urgency of the matter.

When raising your complaint in this case, you have to prove that you made the retailer aware of the importance of time frame while ordering the goods. You need enough proof to support your complaint. The retailer should refund the money you paid for the parcel in addition to the delivery charges you may have paid in advance.

Ask for a refund for timed delivery

Ask for a refund for timed delivery

When ordering goods from an online retailer, you are entitled to obtaining what you pay for. Some people need parcels urgently and end up paying a retailer for timed delivery. If you did this and still end up getting your parcel late, the seller should refund the money you spent to get the parcel on time. Always calculate the delivery charges when ordering your items to avoid incurring extra costs.

Obtain compensation

It is unfortunate that some people end up not receiving the items they ordered or receive them in poor condition. In this case, you need to be compensated for damaged goods or lost goods. Your parcel should always come in good condition just like the retailer describes it. Confirm that all the items you ordered are included in the package. If some are missing, ask the retailer for compensation.

Some retailers also use delivery guys that are not trustworthy. They may end up delivering the wrong items due to not reading labels correctly. Some leave parcels on doors unattended, and they end up missing. The retailer has to compensate you for such orders if your parcel cannot be traced.

You can cancel the order

You can cancel the order

You can also cancel the order if it is too late and not needed anymore. Make it known to the seller that you no longer need the item from them to avoid further complications. If you cancel the parcel order within two weeks after delivery, the retailer should refund your money. This policy applies when you selected the least expensive delivery method.

When ordering for a fragile item, it is normal to choose an expensive delivery method to protect it from getting damaged. If you happen to cancel your order after paying for an expensive method, the retailer can only refund for the cheapest delivery method. It means that you may lose some cash in the end.

According to the Consumer Contracts regulations, it is your duty as the consumer to pay to return the parcel to the seller if you cancel the order without notifying them. In most cases, the retailer does not incur this cost. There are different ways in which you can cancel your order. For instance, you can do it through writing, email or even fax.

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