Python Programming

The tech industry is a large field with plenty of diversity and options to choose from. Programming knowledge rakes the highest demand, with Python being the language of choice. A huge shift in terms of programming from Java or C++, Python is one of the best platforms because of it’s intuitive, user-friendly nature.

Businesses who wish to stay on top of technological innovations and recognize the importance of programming will be investing in terms of Python Developer Salary when looking for capable talents in the following areas:

  1. Mobile App Development

Companies today need more than websites. You’ll need an app in order to stay relevant! App developers should have knowledge regarding multiple languages and have coding experience or expertise in the following- SDK, Android, Windows Phone App Studio and Xcode. Moreover, they should be very familiar with mobile app frameworks and web development languages. UI and UX design is a must-have for individuals to bring more value to the table. As apps become the medium of the future, the demand for app development continues to grow.

  1. AI and Machine Learning

Chatbots and AI in smart phones, i.e., Alexa, Siri, etc. are similar to self-driving vehicles and predictive analytics in the field of AI and machine learning. While it’s true that those who are only getting into this field may find themselves in modest demand, industries are realizing the importance of these skills, which can be applied in financial, educational and healthcare aspects, among others.

  1. Data Science Talent

Machine learning is linked to big data, with data scientists become a vital part of a company, whether it be health care, banking and finance, drug discoveries, etc. Data engineers make data science possible. Engineers build the hardware, i.e., the tools and the infrastructure, while the scientists read the data for whichever purpose the company needs. Data visualization has become a career where people collect data and turn it into something that can become useful or understood.

Python is widely used across the landscape, from app development, data science, machine learning and more. Those who are interested in pursuing technology and coding can’t go wrong with Python programming because it’s easy to learn and easy to apply in many different ways. Not only will you have relevant skills, but you’re likely to get employed faster and get a higher salary upon landing an amazing job.

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