Revamping Your Website In 2019

Your company website needs to be revamped, and it’s almost a necessity after a few years. The digital landscape is changing continuously, and your website is the face of your online marketing campaign. It has to be in sync with the current trends. Redesigning an existing website can be a bigger challenge than creating a new one, primarily because you are trying to improve what you already have. One of the foremost aspects to hire a web design company, which can handle the actual work, but you also keep to keep a tab on the trends.

Let’s discussing the new trends that brands must consider while redesigning a website.

  1. Mobile first

More than 50% of internet searches are initiated on mobile devices. It goes without saying that your business website has to be responsive, but more than that, it has to be appealing. It has to engage the users, so always test your mobile website on every single screen size and ensure that the design feels optimized and in sync with the overall website. Some mobile websites are often just shrunk to fit the screen, which is something you want to avoid, because the experience has to be interactive.

  1. Go for full-screen video background

While many experts stress on website load speed and that does matter, you need to make the website more dynamic, for which a full-screen video background is a wise idea. A lot of company websites have these backgrounds, which hook the users for a longer time, fostering possible engagement and sales. Of course, the design has to accommodate a full-screen video background naturally, but this is something worth considering.

  1. The difference between minimalism and simplicity

The word “minimalism” is often overused in the world of web design, but people often confuse minimalism with simplicity. With minimalism, the idea is to create a theme that engages the users but doesn’t include too many elements. Basically, you want to tone down the color mix, animation and other aspects to make the design simpler but not flatter. Always check minimalism themes and work with the preferred web design company to know about their take on the concept.

  1. Go bold with typography

Revamped websites often have a new color scheme and theme, but what needs more attention is the content display. Typography is often ignored for the sake of other things, and yet, it often makes the content more readable and visually appealing to the eyes. Ensure that the font you choose is different from the one you have or at least go for bolder theme colors, so that the typography becomes more prominent.

  1. Micro details

Websites need to be interactive and must seek some action from every user. A lot of designers are now investing in themes that have micro elements for interaction. The idea is to prompt the user to leave a feedback or make a choice that will engage them with the brand. Besides surveys and social media buttons, prompt users to leave a feedback or say a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to certain things. A good website is the one that is not just visually appealing but also makes room for effective engagement.

In conclusion

If you have decided to reimagine your company’s website, do your homework and find a web design team that can actually find something new that would represent your brand in the right way. Be open to new ideas and try new themes and designs, depending on what you seek from the outcome. Think of this as a critical and essential aspect of branding.

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