If you’ve ever had a dose of wanderlust when travelling, or have seen an amazing site, or maybe you’ve had a really great experience, the first thought is to capture the moment, and the second, is to share it! Before sharing the experience with those closest to you, or sharing it on social media, it has always been better to first edit or add caption or the picture or experience. What better way to do that than with an app that can be used right on your phone? Below is a review of Graffitier, which let’s you capture life’s most wonderful moments, give them a splash of color, and then share it with not only your friends, but with the world!

Your Design, Your Way

The Graffitier app dons a an amazing approach on an age-old concept. Graffitier gives the power back to you, and let’s you remember your greatest memories, smallest moments or cherished experiences however you want it to be remembered. Graffitier empowers and allows the user to capture video, text and pictures to be added to your portfolio of amazing sights. Not only that, Graffitier allows you to enhance these videos, texts and pictures with a plethora of filters, edits and colors. You can make it your own. Maybe the moment was a sight you have never seen before, and it elicited such emotion from you that you feel compelled to write a short description, story or memory of that moment. You can do so by writing personalized messages. Maybe the moment was more humorous, and want to save it to share with your friends later, why not spruce up the image with some doodles and a few doses of color?


Get Social at any Time

Experiences, moments and memories feel much more alive if they are shared with others. With Graffitier you are able to become part of the community, where you can tag photo, video, or text as well as your location, which lets the world see exactly what you are seeing. This is a whole new experience to how moments and memories can be shared. On top of sharing with friends and loved ones, local people are able to “Like” and “Comment” on your captures and messages and can benefit from that information to come see the sight themselves, or enjoy your witty or humorous comment or doodle. The best part is that you are able to do this from the comfort of your phone, and are able to visit the sites of others as well!

Becoming part of a Community

Graffitier makes you part of a network of others that want to share in your experiences, and show you moments that will entice you to share with them, or experience it yourself. Try it on the app store today, and express yourself in a way you never have before.

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