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It doesn’t matter, what the size of your business is; running disputes via arbitration or litigation can always be a pain in the neck. It is not just the hassle, the stress of court appearances or the absorption of management time; the financial fall-out can also be quite terrifying.

Even after finding a way to finance the insatiable appetite of legal advisers, many businesses find it very difficult to win their cases. Apart from being unable to recover their costs, most of them end up having to reimburse a significant portion of their opponent’s costs too. This can be very taxing, especially for small businesses, which is why most of them baulk at even the thought of carrying forward a dispute.

The first-ever litigation funders made their appearance about ten years ago, in the UK market. These were lawyers who were prepared to take up cases at discounted rates, provided they got uplift if the claim proved successful. However, since the uptake was too low, the model failed to work. This is when third party funding came into existence.

In third party funding, the funder provided the legal costs against an agreed sum that he could recover from the damages. This pushed many claimants towards taking on cases that had been left off. Nevertheless, since the funding costs, especially of the one-off claims, were too high when compared to the recoveries, the market tended to slow down. But with time more and more litigation funders started entering into the market and the success stories began. The insurance market started working in conjunction with these litigation funders, successfully covering the risk of reimbursement. Through their ‘After the Event’ policies, they managed to insure the risk of paying back the other side’s costs.

With this metrics working successfully many businesses started benefiting from the system. However, it was still an issue for defendants. The year 2018 is going to see a wide range of insurance products that can successfully cover the costs of both sides. However, until small businesses that are on the defendant side find products suitable to their needs, they can bank on Yellowstone Capital LLC.

Yellowstone Capital refers to a team of small business lenders in New York that has helped over 25,000 small businesses cater to their financial needs. They have raised $1 Billion in small business funding to help these small businesses grow and succeed. This is one company that has created the country’s largest ISO network by teaming up with many small business funders within the Merchant Cash Advance (MCA) industry.

Financing, for Yellowstone Capital, is not just a transaction on paper, but a way to help small businesses fulfil their requirements and grow. They have a team of dedicated in-house funders who make it possible for every small business to overcome its challenges by obtaining the funding that it needs, within the shortest span of time. It is this dedication and commitment that has helped Yellowstone Capital fund maximum number of deals in the fastest way possible.

Small businesses that are in dire need of finance to manage their litigations can now call up the personal liaison officers at Yellowstone Capital and get their requirements fulfilled within a day or two. They are sure to get the best deals possible.

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