Ringless Voicemail

Businesses struggle to successfully deliver their message to numerous potential customers who are overwhelmed by smartphone notifications, alerts, messages and emails. In today’s deluge of information and advertising trying to get your attention, the ringless voicemail by Drop Cowboy stands out above the marketing noise.

What is Ringless Voicemail?

Ringless Voicemail is a software system that sends pre-recorded messages to a person’s voicemail. The technology allows direct insertion of your message to a voicemail server or a voice mailbox.

In terms of marketing, ringless voicemail is a non-intrusive form of communication between seller and potential customer. Research has found that almost all people listen to their new voicemail before deleting them, and for this reason ringless voicemail exists. The messages are usually transcribed and converted from voicemail to text. This way, the recipient is bound to get and read the message about what you’re offering.

How Does It Work?

You’ll first need to create a professional recorded message that will be sent to people’s voicemails. The message then will be sent via ringless voicemail to hundreds up to tens of thousands of landline phones and mobile phones at once. In ringless voicemail, there won’t be any traditional calls since the message goes to the phone system’s backend. The message is sent straight to voicemail without the phone ever ringing, eliminating organic interaction and the nuances of getting interrupted by a telemarketer call.

The reason why ringless voicemail is so effective in boosting sales and brand engagement is because you’re basically leaving a number they can reach if they’re interested in learning more about your offer. Your recipient can call back at a time that’s convenient for them or when they’re ready to make an investment.

Ringless voicemail application is flexible enough that it can be used across industries, i.e., businesses, non-profit organization and communities. The costs associated with employing ringless voicemail is well worth it compared to hiring operators to do cold calls. Drop Cowboy’s ringless voicemail features international message delivery and a cloud-based platform that allows you to get inside the software from anywhere in the world.

Test credits are available for you to try out. Ringless voicemail with Drop Cowboy requires zero commitment, no minimums and no monthly fees. If you need a proven delivery medium to send a message simultaneously, there’s no better solution.

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