Vacation Rental Websites

With the vacation rental market so popular, there has been a huge increase in online tech and solutions targeting vacation rental property entrepreneurs.

The popularity of the vacation rental sector of the tourism industry comes from the many travellers that would rather rent a private vacation rental home where it is more private compared to a hotel. This could be a small bedroom somewhere, an apartment or even a whole house.

There are many reasons for this. It could be the costs involved, the location or just the fact that people want a quieter or more private place to stay than somewhere that is swarming with other guests and tourists.

The good news is that there is plenty of choices when it comes to looking for the right vacation rental website for you.

Here are some of the popular vacation rental websites right now. They come complete with state-of-the-art software tech including; built-in booking engines, channel manager software, property manager tools, calendar sync management, and more!


Almost everyone would have heard about the Airbnb vacation rental platform as it is one of the most popular around. While it is right at the top of its game it does have plenty of competitors with the newly-merged HomeAway and VRBO probably being their biggest.

Airbnb was launched to make it easier for both vacation property owners and travellers to get connected in an easy and efficient manner. Owners are able to easily list their properties while travellers can simply browse to find a property in their preferred destination.

People can list or rent anything from single bedrooms, apartments or an entire property on Airbnb. Airbnb not only lists these properties but acts as the middleman by providing the platform, customer service and the payment options.


Lodgify is one of the best all-around vacation rental websites. A complete website builder is provided for a small monthly fee. As opposed to all the other website mentioned here, Lodgify does not take a cut of each booking. The monthly fee literally covers everything.

A selection of attractive and fully responsive themes and templates that are customizable. Included with an easy to manage and attractive website is a full booking engine system. From bed and breakfast website templates to vacation rental templates for multiple properties, or a website for those with a single property, Lodgify is the perfect solution based vacation rental management website.

Calendars sync with calendars on other websites creating a calendar management system that means there will be no double bookings if you have the same property listed on the two or more other websites.

The key advantage to using Lodgify websites is that you have more control over the design and branding than you do with any of the alternative options mentioned here. Plus, you will own the website that you build giving you increased flexibility.


VRBO and HomeAway were and still are, huge vacation rental platforms in their own right but they are actually owned by the same company and are now more or less merged into one. They do still have their own websites and platforms with VRBO concentrating more on the US market while HomeAway is the best bet for the international market.

They are both owned by Expedia as of 2015 with HomeAway first purchasing VRBO in 2005. Expedia is a huge company with many brands worldwide and it is easy to see why this group of platforms are a massive competitor for Airbnb.


FlipKey is another successful vacation property platform and while it might not be considered as popular or big as the above two, it really is starting to establish itself in the top three. This platform gets good reviews from most people that use it whether they are property owners or those that like to travel and stay in places that are not hotels.

FlipKey’s vacation rental platform works in the same way as pretty much any other vacation rental platform by providing property owners and travellers a platform that they can connect on. FlipKey handles all of the payment sides of things as well as provide support if there are any kind of complaints or disputes.

Why Vacation Rental Websites are Popular

Vacation rental websites keep things incredibly simple and efficient for travellers and property owners alike. Owners will no longer have to try and market their property and can simply have them listed on the platforms of their choosing. As for travellers, it is also very easy as they can just search a particular destination on the platforms and use the filters to find the perfect property for their needs int hat destination.

The fact that the platforms will handle all payments, allow guests to leave reviews on properties and even mediate in any disputes means that both parties have it very easy when trying to serve their own purposes.