Samsung Android Wear Smartwatch
Samsung Android Wear Smartwatch

Back to this month’s previous report that stated internal Samsung sources are about to give up on Android Wear platform, while Samsung has reviewed the decision by saying that it is not prepared to abandon the platform. Yet, the response regarding the declaration by the company is based on ambiguity, initially reported by the internal source to Fast Company.

Samsung, in response to a statement in the report, said, “We disagree with Fast Company’s interpretation. Samsung has not made any announcement concerning Android Wear and we have not changed our commitment to any of our platforms.” The detail of this response notably reported along with the initial inputs from the sources expressed inside the company by Engadget.

It’s not been looking sure by the statement that it is really impressive without any unambiguously-precise announcement of whatsoever is present in store for Android Wear from Samsung. A statement of 2014 added it has been taking effect right after commencing the launch of Gear Live at Google I/O probably two years ago. It does not matter as long as Samsung has launched other wearables running , i.e. it’s in-house Tizen platform that can prompt them full control of hardware and software bearing in mind that Android Wear still lacks something or lagging far behind the desired outcome.

The said item called Tizen-based hardware in smartwatches competed well in the market than the Android Wear based Gear Live for the company. Looking to the core interest, it is arguably illogical for them to focus on Tizen than Android Wear in the future course of action regarding changes.

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