iPhone 5

Apple and Samsung are locked in a pretty fierce battle legally, but what about their hardware? Likely the biggest competitor the new iPhone, or iPhone 5 as some call it, will be the already launched Samsung Galaxy S3. Why not the Note 2? Let’s face it, kinda hard to truly compare phablets to standard smartphones. The iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 though, are similar in size and overall features.

With that in mind, let’s compare the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3.

Wait… iPhone 5 isn’t announced yet? True, but let’s look at the alleged specs– based on what we know- versus the S3.

iPhone 5 screen

Samsung Galaxy S3 versus iPhone 5 rumored specs: Display

The iPhone 5 is rumored to change up the screen size with a new 4-inch screen with a 1,136×640 IPS resolution. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S3 has a 4.8-inch screen with a higher resolution at 1,280×720.

If bigger screen and higher resolution mean anything to you, Samsung is the winner here.

iOS 6 iPhone 5

Samsung Galaxy S3 versus iPhone 5 rumored specs: Operating System

The iPhone 5 is expected to run the upcoming iOS 6. This version has improved SIRI functionality, better Facebook and Twitter integartion, and event a new payment system app titled Passbook.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S3 runs ICS, even though the newest version is now Jelly Bean. ICS is great but until it gets Jelly Bean (which it will)- iOS 6 is probably the better OS in many ways, such as security and SIRI.

Once Jelly Bean comes to the S3 though, it’s probably pretty fairly tied. Of course part of this depends on you, some people like the open-nature of Android, others prefer the more secure nature found with Apple products.

iPhone 5 battery

Samsung Galaxy S3 versus iPhone 5 rumored specs: Battery Life

The iPhone 5 gets a slightly better battery this time around with a 1140 mAh battery, versus the 1130 mAh battery in the iPhone 4S. The Galaxy S, though, has a 2100 mAh battery- making it the winner here.

IF the iPhone 5 is truly getting 4G LTE this time around, the Samsung Galaxy S3 wins since it will likely have better battery life. If the new iPhone doesn’t feature LTE though? Many will be annoyed to not have 4G, but the battery life will probably be comparable.


Samsung Galaxy S3 versus iPhone 5 rumored specs: Processor & RAM

Admittedly, we don’t know much for sure about the iPhone 5 processor or RAM. Based on past history though, I’d wager that the new iPhone will be pretty close, if not a tie in processing speed and RAM.

iPhone 5 connector

Samsung Galaxy S3 versus iPhone 5 rumored specs: New Pin Connector

The iPhone 5 is changing up the pin connector. This means new accessories, or at least the use of an adapter to use old iPhone/iPad accessories with it. Meanwhile, the Galaxy S3 uses the standard micro-USB format which ensures it pretty wide compatibility with non-Apple smartphone accessories.

The Bottom Line

So which is better? Honestly, it’s not as simple as that in the battle of Samsung Galaxy S3 versus iPhone 5. First of all, we don’t really that all the rumored features for the new iPhone will come to pass. Second, preference plays a pretty big role here.

If you like Android better, you’ll get the Galaxy S3 over this thing. If you like iOS better, you will stick to the iPhone 5.

What about those in the middle, without a clear preference to Android or iOS? Other factors will likely come into play. How important is side-loading and the open-nature of Android to you? Want the security and larger app library that comes with iOS?

Both devices are looking to be pretty closely matched, and both are certainly appealing. When it comes to the Samsung Galaxy S3 versus iPhone 5, which do you think you’d rather have?

  1. How is an “1140 mAh” battery for the iPhone 5 an upgrade? I presume you mean a 2140 mAh battery or something similar, seeing as the 4S runs a 1440 mAh battery.

  2. Galaxy s3….. or wait a couple months till an android comes out that COMPLETELY owns the iphone 5 and the iphone 5s that will come out a year later……… Apple is predictable and boring…..

  3. My wife just got an S3, and it is a clear upgrade over an iPhone4s. But I can’t deal with Samsung/Google software, so while I love the S3 hardware, it won’t work for me… and I will have to get the iPhone5.

  4. “If you like Android better, you’ll get the Galaxy S3 over this thing. If you like iOS better, you will stick to the iPhone 5” REALLY??? NO KIDDING!

  5. freaking apple, always behind, but they have such good brainwashing, err marketing skills. even when they are screwing their loyal fans with barely caught up hardware, apple lemmings still follow.

  6. i think you just dont know technology then. apple are for those who dont know what they are doing, like to be told what to do.

  7. I got galaxy s3 upgraded from iphone 4, Android is clearly better than ios bar low latency audio.. which is apparently being addressed in 4.1. People rant on about appstore being great and moderated for quality.. that’s rubbish.. its all about money.. many apps are poor. Annoying. Low quality even some do not work.. tho Google still need to work on marketing and search engines to categorize Apps more effectively. But many x platform Alps are far better and Fully featured in android. Simply because its open and flexible. Apple need to break habbitt an innovate again if they want to get back to where they used to be.. but now they truly are playing yearly catch-up.. that’s why they are so bitter with all these law suit’s…

  8. Bet iPhone 5 will be sold out 10x faster than s3 crap.and then tell your shame-sung not to copy features from iphone 5.then u will know who is innovative.

  9. the only country apple managed to win was in usa. because they marked them selfs so well as inventors there the poor american actually believes that apple is inventing stuff …..
    not getting stupid patents about shape and gestures that been used long before apple started using. thats why they say americans are …

  10. Galaxy S3 rocks. CDMA Receiver and transmitter much better than iPhone. Screen is better. Speed etc. it’s time for apple to put up or shut up. iPad and Mac books rock but they have fallen behind on mobile.

  11. Oh yeah? “apple are for those who dont know what they are doing, like to be told what to do.”
    Is that so? Im was a BB user for many years, previously i switched between Nokia and Sony. Now i’m holding a Iphone 4S. Works great for me. I walked into the store many times in the last few months to try our the Galaxy S3. To my surprise, its just another phone. The android OS is inferior to the IOS.
    Apps are so far behind apple.
    You mentioned those who use apple iphones do not know technology. LOL! Do u know (i;m working in a top asian society) that the people i come across holding a Galaxy or sammy are the retirees, schoold kids (like 12) and office ladies.
    I see so many gadgetry guys and professionals in the music and techies in the IT industry carrying iphones. I supposed all these are what you define as “those who dont what what they are doing, like to be told what to do”.

  12. If “innovation” means putting in a wider screen (4.8″). and bigger battery 2100mAH, then i guess sammy is the “innovator”.
    In fact, taiwanese HTC and ACER, and perhaps thousands of chinese makers are also “innovators”.
    Note all these above mentioned “innovators’ do not need to care or research into software. Someone else is doing for them — FREE!
    Can Apple do likewise? Like sammy? of course. But apple chose to release 1 phone per year. Why? The devil’s in the details. Inside to outside of the phone, software and ecosytem; linking its mobile handset to other apple products…all these take a larger effort and requires time and surely much, much more innovation than what was described above.
    If i was tim cook, i would instruct my minions to release 1 phone every quarter with tiny tweaks to the screen size, color resolution, or sound system, or battery life. Then i will find myself flooding the market with 4″, 4-1/2”. 5″, 6″, 7″, 10″ phones and phablets.
    Whats the point then? I guess for korean sammy what they really care is just to corner and monopolize the market for handsets, just as they had done to the TV sets. Therefore their so called “innovation” is just producing bigger screens and color resolution at shorter periods — to capture market share.
    Apple : 1 phone per year.

  13. If the iPhone5 doesn’t get physically _wider_ I would consider it. I find the android devices so wide that I can’t actually use the phone properly. Jellybean is super nice, but again, if I can’t hold it securely in one hand, or use it without getting carpal tunnel…then…what’s the point? Also apple really needs to hop on the NFC train, people are programming some pretty great things with that, that go beyond a pay wallet.

  14. I don’t think so. re: edge. Innovation is more than just a big screen and fancy do-dads. I think they are hurting themselves with such a closed platform tho. At least from a development / customization stand point.

  15. so typical of a fanboy/girl its sad and sickening to read the brainwashing that apple has done to you also, you get so much more with android and its just getting better “innovating” as apple likes to put in your heads. iphones and apple are just an image period…i like my phone to do what i want it to do and is able to do it, with apple you absolutety do not get that.

  16. Apple is nothing other than a worldwide tax on snobbism & ignorance.

    That’s why it’s so successful,cause it’s impossible to convince the ignorant of their ignorance LOL

  17. Now I think this is typical American behavior, because it was designed in the US of A for the brainwashed American consumer it is the best device ever made!!! NO! It is a overpriced brand name. I have a 4s but It is backup phone, my S3 is my main phone.. As previously said they have a closed platform limiting your creativity, do as apple says and how they say. I believe when you pay for a product it is yours to do with as you please. I wonder if any of the fan boys in here realize most of the components inside a Iphone are actually samsung made????????? Also how can a phone infringe on copyright if the phone isnt even on the market yet? Christ I hate apple so much!

  18. I agreed Apple is loosing its edge. Lot of better features, and especially the price. S3 is great on pricing, design, and especially strong performance and flexibility on using the phone. Apple’s stupid motto – “Don’t worry, just follow me up whatever in Apple’s fence… ???” Sick …. I like Android and see a lot of potentials in Google’s way of going.

  19. that means you don’t know either, you just regurgitate news headlines which align to your preferences.
    Apple just lost similar cases in other nations btw, so it’s useless to cite court cases when making objective comparisons between devices.

  20. I agree with you. Especially , with iphone you can’t even change your own battery, instead having to find a Cr)apple store where they will rape you for yet more money, Not to mention the other overpriced aftermarket crap they sell you. OH, now they change the connector on the phone, Ka-ching. Rape the fanboys. hahah

  21. Apple no longer has a big advantage when it comes to the App Store. A lot of the apps on the App Store have’t been even downloaded once and you have like several dozen fart apps. The Google Play market has increased over time and is almost just as good as the App Store.

  22. FYI, Apple lost in court in Japan, Australia, UK, and South Korea. Apple won only in their backyard(Califoirnia) just because the judge there is a apple fanboy/girl LOL!

  23. I find it very interesting and bizarre that you think the Galaxy S3 is
    just another phone?? As a iPhone user for the last several years I found
    the GS3 and the JellyBean OS to be significantly more advanced than the
    iPhone 4S and IOS5. Unless Apple pulls a major rabbit out of their hat
    with iPhone 5 I’ll be switching to the Galaxy S3. IOS5 (and what I’ve
    seen so far with IOS6) is a very dated, boring, and antiquated OS in
    comparison to what Google is now offering with JellyBean. I was
    brainwashed into believing Apple products were the be-all / end-all in
    all their product lines but the Galaxy S3 quickly pulled me out of that
    one, at least with smartphones go.

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