Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Apple iPhone 6s Plus Features
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and Apple iPhone 6s Plus Features

We are familiar about human to human competition in terms of games and sometimes rivalries in different fields of life. But now it is very common when it comes to the field of technology which we have been hearing as well as experiencing for years. Now, exactly the same rivalry has been existing between Samsung and Apple for years, which become widely known as these two competitive forces rolled out two of the phones, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, and the Apple iPhone 6s Plus, people mostly waited for the arrival of these two phones.

For users who are crazy-interested at Apple or they are diehard fans of Samsung, will already know which model they want to buy the next time they go for shopping the phone. However, if you are undecided, you are expected to do research to know which model is best for you and for that, you need to go through this short detail.

External features of Galaxy S7 Edge and Apple iPhone 6s Plus:

Both, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Apple iPhone 6s Plus have 5.5-inch screens, possibly the only thing they have in common. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has a Super AMOLED display with a sharper 2,560 x 1,440 resolution while Apple iPhone 6s Plus has a Retina HD display with a 1,920 x 1,080 resolution. The former has a glass and metal body while the latter has an aluminum unibody with a special glass screen. Samsung’s newest phone is smartly thicker as compare to Apple’s latest which offering by around 0.4mm, yet the features of being shorter, narrower, and lighter has made the difference.

Internal features of Galaxy S7 Edge and Apple iPhone 6s Plus:

Both of the phones have completely different processors, the Galaxy S7 Edge on the Snapdragon 820 in some countries and regions and the Exynos 8890 in others, while with iPhone 6s Plus on the Apple A9. Nevertheless, benchmark tests have been reported that all these three processors have equal performance stability.

While it is the Galaxy S7 Edge that leads in excellence in terms of RAM with a specific feature of 4GB comparatively twice the RAM of the iPhone 6s Plus. Whatsoever is there, but the Apple’s iPhone 6s Plus offers more choices when it comes to internal storage because it gives shoppers more choices to choose from 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB internal storage capacity. It is still noticed that the Galaxy S7 Edge is at the top of the list even though it has only 32GB and 64GB internal storage capacities as well as it supports microSD cards up to 200GB.However, the significant features of both will surely create interests, from shoppers to customers, to expose them with new fashion.

Now, when it comes to camera’s feature, the two models are almost similar. Both have 5Mega Pixel front cameras and 12 Mega Pixel rear cameras and both can take videos upto4K. But, what makes the difference is the size of their pixel and aperture. The Galaxy S7 Edge, with its 1.4 µm pixels and f/1.7 lens, unchangingly takes clearer pictures even in conditions when light is dim or low as compared to the iPhone 6s Plus, which has 1.22 µm pixels and f/2.2 lens. Moreover, it depends on the taste of customers which one will they prefer.

The Decision:

Both, the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and the Apple iPhone 6s Plus have some advantages and disadvantages. So, before opting anyone, we remind you the very important thing to do is research, go to research and get to know which phone will fit your lifestyle and can give your money’s worth in return.

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