Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8 Edge soon be revealed with Bio Blue 4K screen
Samsung Galaxy S8 & Galaxy S8 Edge soon be revealed with Bio Blue 4K screen

The new leaked images unearthed that Bio Blue 4k screen tech is anticipated to be fixed in smartphone especially similar to Samsung that actually using a 4k display contrasting to Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge.

Some reports rumoured that the new images now show the screens used in the new Samsung flagship devices and Galaxy Note 6 would next year be featured with 4k screen irrespective of its changes in previous mobile versions.

One of the best giants is the South Korean tech which is already known for their high-resolution OLED smart TVs holds that it is not impossible for them to develop a smaller scale tech for their smartphones. However, the UHD resolution is gradually gaining the position of a standard PC monitor.

Mobipicker has expressed that Samsung could use the Bio Blue technology on the Galaxy S8 for a 4K screen with an amazing 806 PPI pixel density but it is notable that Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge will be available with the feature of a smaller PPI number in case it will have screen size larger upto5.5 or 6 inches.

A statement regarding VR experiences revealed that the new tech is going to make Samsung’s new flagship phone suitable for the performance of high resolutions, yet the images for a Samsung Gear VR gamepad is also circulating online.

Different screen technology with side by side comparison has been shown from Chinese sites in which the crystallized dark has been the LCD, being the first to OLED and the last to it,is the Bio Blue technology.

Here the news about Samsung new upcoming feature gets popular when Digital Spy reported that Samsung’s new Bio Blue screen tech is currently up to five times lower in rank than blue light which is just ahead with just six percent. You should also know, the eyes would face less strain even when you are using Galaxy S8 for a long duration.

It is also rolled out that Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge is expected to add 6GB RAM without being having the 4K screen includes density of 806 PPI pixel. The company just recently revealed a new LPDDR4 memory module which will be applicable in the Galaxy Note 6 Edge.

A large number of users will be able to choose the new flagship phones in 2017 because of the innovation in the technological field, let alone the screen size and resolution as common and usual factors for making a choice about a smartphone.

Briefly, it is expected that sometimes later this year,Samsung will make the announcement regarding Galaxy S8 and the Galaxy S8 Edge. It’s up to fans, whether they will finally be able to know that they will have the Bio Blue 4K screen with 806 PPi. In fact, no one is sure which way the wind of tech changes will blow.

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