Samsung Note 9

Samsung is getting ready to launch their next flagship in the next 2 months. The company has also sent an invitation to media for their next big event in the city of Apple. It seems right for us to believe that Samsung will most likely launch their beloved phablet. There are too many coincidences for this to happen and all of them lead of to the long-rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 9: your dream of a perfect handset, capable of doing any task, from browsing the web, taking gorgeous images, doing office tasks, even receiving update on World Cup predictions and odds.

The device was first announced by the company back in 2011 at IFA. It has been 7 years, more or less, since the announcement and we do hope that the company uses all the time to make us satisfied with the upcoming device. The chosen date is also quite interesting. It looks like the company chooses that date, August 9, to indicate the next big thing in smartphone industry. As if the rumors were not enough, it is also confirmed that the device has passed through FCC. It only means one thing. The device is ready for launch and it is only up to Samsung to decide the best time and place to do it.

A huge leak finally popped out earlier this week, hinting us that there will be a significant update to Samsung’s iconic S-Pen stylus. We still didn’t get all the details when the leak came out, but as the leaker said, “the biggest update’ in the history of handset, we absolutely know that it is not going to be just a random update. The leak might have been true at least based on the close up shot we saw on the invites. There is something different from the stylus. As for the physical appearance, we don’t expect the new handset to be completely different than its predecessor. As usual, they may look like the same, but completely different. That’s how Samsung works.

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