Samsung is one of the leading technology brands in current days. Smartphones by the company are favorite among people across the globe. But there here is a bad news for Samsung smartphone users.

Some phones by Samsung are sending camera roll photos of the users to random contacts in their phone. Moreover, this is happening without the knowledge and permission of the owner. Several users are complaining about the issue on Reddit and Samsung’s official forum.

Many Samsung phones also including the later models like Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy s9 seem to have this bug. One user says, his Samsung phone randomly sends pics from his phone to his Girlfriend.

The photos are sent through Samsung’s default messaging app. The app sends pictures from the device to random contacts saved in the phone through SMS. A Samsung user who encountered this problem says that ” Not only one photo, his device sent entire photo gallery to his friend at midnight.” Not only this is the worst part but also there is something more terrible.

Moreover, the phone leaves not a single proof about the data sent to someone else. The sender is not even notified about what has happened. In all reported cases, victims say that they are informed by people to whom their phone sends those pics.

Samsung S9
Samsung S9
Samsung’s reply to the bug reports:

Samsung spokesperson tells the users “We’re aware of the reports and the technical team is looking on to it.” Company’s forum indicates that the bug is mostly found in Samsung Galaxy s9 and S9+ devices.

On the contrary, other devices can also have the bug. Samsung clarifies “If any user faces this bug, He must call the company directly at1-800-SAMSUNG.” It is believed by some users that the issue is due to the new updates of RCS messaging including T-Mobile. Just to recall, T-Mobile has recently launched new updates in RCS.

T-Mobile’s new update starts with the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. The messaging standard is supposed to make texting look more like chatting in a modern messaging app, complete with reading receipts and typing indicators. T-Mobiles representative speaks about the Issue “check in with Samsung on this, it’s not a T-Mobile issue.”

A possible solution:

Samsung users can tackle this bug until Samsung fixes it permanently. A simple way is to revoke the storage and camera permissions for the messaging app. As the app will not have the permission to access storage, it will not be able to send pics through SMS or MMS.

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