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The face of marketing has changed many times over the years. From the days of shouting about your wares to passers-by to flyers and billboards, there has been a myriad of marketing methods. Currently, the face of marketing is a whole new world of marketing that has been slowly developing over the last twenty years. This method is called digital marketing. Because so much of the average person’s life revolves around the internet, it is important to use the internet to its fullest extent as a means of marketing. There are quite a few different ways to utilize the internet as a means of marketing. They all revolve around having a fantastic website and the vast majority involve a technique called SEO (search engine optimization). SEO can act as a fantastic marketing method on its own, but it quickly becomes amazing when paired with other methods such as social media campaigns. The SEO marketing technique is easily the king of digital marketing which makes it the king of marketing in general. If you are in charge of marketing for any business, organization, professional endeavor, or anything else it is vital to know how to utilize SEO to its maximum capacity of usefulness. What you will find here is a guide to help you understand more about SEO and how it works.

So, SEO is the king of marketing, but how does it work? Depending on how you look at it, the answer is either incredibly complicated or extremely easy. Have you ever wondered how exactly you end up with the exact results that pop up when you perform a search? Obviously, there are thousands of websites available online and any number of them may be related to your search in some way, so why those? Also, who decides what order they are going to be listed in? The ones listed first always get more clicks than those listed farther down. There is no point in delving into the complicated version of how it works, filled with technical terms and long sentences. Therefore, here is the simple version. There are programs called algorithms, that work in a very similar fashion to the Sorting Hat in the Harry Potter stories. In the books/films, the hat has the ability to see into a person’s mind, quickly sort through everything it finds there, and determine what a person’s most prominent personality traits are. This all happened within seconds. A search engine algorithm searches everything on the internet, looks at its contents, determines its relevance, and decides how important it is, all within milliseconds. Each search engine sends out “crawlers” to scour the web in an effort to find every website related to a specific subject, the crawler gives the information that it finds to the algorithm program which then decides which content is the most relevant to the subject, has the best content, and has the best reputation. SEO is a means of helping the algorithm decide that your content is the best and most relevant.

There are three basic steps to utilizing SEO. The first of these is establishing excellent and optimal keywords and key phrases. These are the things the crawlers and algorithms will be looking for. You keywords tell the programs what that bit of content is about and what type of searches it should be included in. Essentially, keywords act as a guide to tell the programs where that piece of content is the most relevant and useful. These keywords need to be directly related to your business. This can be in relation to the industry, location, product or service, location, or business name. Keep in mind that you will want to establish more than one keyword. There needs to be one that will act as your primary keyword, but there also needs to be a list of secondary keywords. Each should be unique, but also relevant. The best way to decide what keywords to use is quite simple. Begin by making a list of anything that you feel may make a good keyword. At this stage, do not worry so much about making each possibility great, just put down anything that comes to mind. The next step will be to sort the list into the options that you think are the best, the ones that are mediocre, and the ones that will not work. After you sort out all of the options that you came up with, you will need to determine which ones truly are the best. The most effective way to do this is to search for each possible keyword on any popular search engine and see what types of results it gives you. This will help in two ways. The first is by showing you what types of websites are included in this keyword to make sure you have chosen one that has the optimal relevancy. The second is by giving you the opportunity to see the websites that you will be competing with if you use this keyword. Once you have your chosen your keywords, they will need to be inserted into your website and social media pages.

The second step is to ensure all of the content on your website it is of fantastic quality. If your content is of poor quality it will result in a negative impact regarding your place in search results. Search engines are not going to place websites with low-quality content anywhere near the top of the list which means you will most likely not even be seen by the person searching. There are several ways to ensure you only have high-quality content. The first is to proofread and edit everything that is already on your site. There are two reasons for this. This is to double check that none of your information is out of date and that you include any and all updated information. The second is because customers tend to look poorly on a website with inadequate grammar and terrible spelling. Even two or three mistakes can cause you a lot of problems.

Finally, establish a network of link backs. These are links to various pages of your website that are placed on other websites and pages. This is the point where you want to reach out to related businesses, bloggers, vloggers, and others. Inquire as to whether they would be willing to play host to one of your links. The more link back you have, the better your rating will be. If you still have questions about SEO or digital marketing head over to Digital Flow SEO – website.

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