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In the millennial driven world, the smartphone has become borderline omnipresent in everyday life of the modern consumer – with mobile apps aiming to make life easier. In fact, for every eight minutes that a person spends on a mobile phone, seven minutes will be spent in an app according to Mobile Business Insights. This situation will not change since the next generation, the generation Z smartphone users, comprises of digital natives who do not know a life without the influence of the smartphone.

As a business, this information serves to show you how much having an app can bring your business closer to your target demographic. However, the success of your app boils down to the security strategies you commit to using, and offering optimal security will mean happier customers. Securing your app in a world rife with ever-evolving threats isn’t a walk in the park, but it can be done using the right approach.

Here are four insightful tips for securing your mobile business app:

Test and Retest Your App

A mobile app is never perfect during the first stage of completion. With the right attention to detail, some common loopholes in the functionality and security of mobile apps are bound to be unearthed. More often than not, developers might fail to fully test their apps due to the increased need to market the business application early.

Consider options like penetration testing to avoid any loopholes within your network. On the other hand, work with emulators to test your app, on different operating systems, devices and browsers to gauge how the app will perform in a simulated environment.

Secure Your Code

Website apps are somehow safer than native apps in that their code is only visible on the client’s side and the browsers they are displayed in are only but an interface. On the other hand, when native apps are downloaded from the play store, their source code is made accessible to the users. This makes it easy for hackers and other cyber criminals to reverse engineer the apps and maybe post the rogue versions of the apps on the app store to cause harm to your customers.

An innocent customer will simply face issues with ‘your app’ which you can’t fix, not to mention that they might have their private information stolen once they download the rogue app. The trick to safeguard against such threats is to encrypt your source code to make it unrecognizable by unauthorized individuals. Additionally, test your app for vulnerabilities even if you are using frameworks other than Django to avoid any future issues.

Use Secure Back-End Networks

Sometimes the threat lies in your server networks. Hackers might use the network to eavesdrop on the information going through it from your server to your app’s database. The trick is to embrace security measures that prevent such a type of security compromise.

You could opt for containerization to store your data in encrypted containers. A Tech Target article advises that you should speak to a network security specialist to assess the security standards of your network by conducting penetration testing. Also, consider protecting your network connections with a VPN and encrypt your database too.

Pay Attention to How You Secure Customer Data

Due to varying phone quality, performances and bandwidth, a good part of the app data has to be stored on the phone. The problem is, the more data you save on your user’s phone, the more vulnerable they are to an attack. If you have a leaky app, it might end up leaking customer data gradually while exposing them to crimes such as identity theft.

To battle this imminent threat, encrypt your app on a file-level, according to The Security Buddy. As for sensitive data such as credit card information and passwords, try to avoid storing them directly on the mobile device of your users. If you must store them there, make sure that the storage area is encrypted and secure.


For your business app to remain viable within your user’s phone, it should offer value. Beefing up your app’s security practices is a great way to do so while safeguarding your customer’s data. Consider the above tips to enjoy the perks that mobile business applications offer.

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