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Apple Security

A top expert is rehired by Apple Inc who has the speciality in practical cryptography to provide a wide range of consumer products with strong security features, but it has been pressurized by U.S. law enforcement to unlock encrypted iPhones. An Apple spokesman said that Jon Callas, who co-founded certain well-respected secure communications companies including PGP Corp, Silent Circle, and Blackphone, has rejoined Apple this month.

Callas had designed an encryption system to protect data stored on a Macintosh computer during the time he was working at Apple in the 1990s and in years 2009-2011 while Apple rejected to comment in detail on his new role. The Cupertino, a California-based company has reservation over the U.S. government, pointing to the fact that it is unlikely for Apple to help law enforcement access encrypted customer information stored on its devices because it can’t do the way government expected.

In this regard, Federal judges of California and New York were asked by the U.S. Department of Justice to force Apple to start locked iPhones, particularly the one that was used by shooters in last year’s assault in San Bernardino, California.

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies hold that tech companies should help the government in the findings of criminals. They further hold that it is for their own benefit to co-operate with FBI and law enforcement institutions, by this way, the security of their products may not prey to vulnerability specifically from malicious attacks by hackers. However, at the same time, a Senate committee is thinking about legislation prompting the companies to help law enforcement institutions concerning encryption.

Moreover, Calls added that he is not agreed about the decision of law enforcement institutions to compel the companies to damage their own encrypted products. Furthermore, he expresses his will to support a compromise proposal due to which officials of law enforcement can avail benefits of unveiled software vulnerabilities prior to hacking into systems and they can get the chance to patch those vulnerabilities as well.

Former chief executive of PGP Corp who also invented a system for securing email has said, Jon is someone who has a deep appreciation of all sides of the story.

Callas is about to revisit Apple for finding the encrypted communications focusing on the main direction. Nevertheless, people have concerns over hacking of their phones despite the fact that both the companies are well known for increasing the security of its products.

Social medias like Facebook, WhatsApp have also enforced the encryption which making it harder for law enforcement to access their information.

Lastly, it is to mention that co-founder of the secure email company Silent Circle Mike Janke said, “It has always been Jon’s dream to bring the most secure products possible to a bigger population”.

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