Silicon Valley

Silicon Valley’s season 5 run isn’t even over. Of the 8 episodes shot, 5 have aired as of yet. The reception for the aired episodes was enough for HBO to wave the green flag for another season. Though we saw the impending approval after the first two episodes, it’s now official and set in stone.

Season 5 saw the disappearance of TJ Miller from the series. In Season 4’s finale, Erlich Bachman, TJ Miller’s character, is lazing around in Tibet without a way back home. In hindsight, it’s the best way Erlich Bachman could have left the show. This development was met with some fierce disapproval from fans though.

TJ Miller’s character is often hailed as the funniest in the show by fans. So the sudden disappearance of Erlich Bachman put the show runners on edge. The reasons for TJ Miller leaving, or being kicked out, are vague. Most sources claim that the show runners grew tired of TJ Miller’s consistent tardiness to the set. TJ Miller pointed to his ‘growing’ film career, specifically the Emoji Film, as a reason for his exit. After the film’s astoundingly negative reception, it’s hard to picture TJ Miller happy with his ‘choice’.

But his exit was dealt with in the show’s usual tone: comically. And season 5 continued as strong as ever without him. In fact, considering the recent arrest of TJ Miller, the show runners are probably counting their blessings. The arrest of a cast member will put any show in the hot seat. TJ Miller not being a cast member put Silicon Valley out of the danger.

TJ Miller’s arrest is a recent development and not one that is clear to dissect. Authorities arrested him at New York’s LaGuardia Airport after a fake bomb threat. It seems that both his TV careerandfilm career is in danger after his newest stunt.

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