Download Torrent Anonymously

For most people nowadays, using bittorrent or uTorrent platform for downloading Torrents has become quite a common task. People usually prefer torrent for instant file sharing and also some larger files, other than cloud where they might have to struggle quite a bit for uploading files. On the other hand, you have a cloud store for providing limited storage capacity or for higher price charge. A comprehensive guide might help in explaining the current case of Torrenting and the legal issues concerned over here. You will come to know more about ways to avoid any kind of issue, and the software you need for downloading Torrents anonymously.

Learn about torrenting first:

A practice of sharing some of the digital files through BitTorrent is what you call Torrenting. It is a form of a download manager, whose service is to handle some of the torrent file extension. There are multiple peers, known to share some of the smaller pieces of the digital content in the most effective manner. For that, they are using some of the BitTorrent trackers and BitTorrent client, which will reassemble the complete file later whenever the download is completed.

Parts of BitTorrent to focus at:

Before you head for this client usability, it is mandatory to check out the parts involved in this matter. Better knowledge emphasis in the proficient use of the latest technology near your hand. So, without wasting any time further, it is mandatory to head for the best parts of BitTorrent before coming to a result.

  • Torrent file: This file comprises of metadata or information of any digitalized content. It further focuses at the BitTorrent trackers locations. Trackers are termed as special servers, whose main focus is at assisting in the present communication prospect of peers using the same protocol.
  • BitTorrent client: This is a form of a download manager, mostly used for downloading content from peer’s sides. It helps in handling the communication via BitTorrent protocol, for enriching a successful form of the P2P file share. It helps in reassembling the current pieces into a complete file.
  • BitTorrent Tracker: The main purpose of this tracker is to help keep information about the files’ placements on peer’s machines. It will further talk about the file, which is available when the client requests a file. That helps in presenting an efficient coordination between the available peers and also reassembly of the current copied files.
  • BitTorrent Protocol: It is a form of the communication protocol of the current P2P file sharing. It is used for communication with one another on the present torrent network and covering the entire area to distribute data.

You are only in need of trackers for covering the initial communication and focusing on the information only. After going through the initial P2P file download, you can easily continue with your P2P communication without even any need of tracker help. After developing the current DHT method for the field of “tracker less” Torrenting, the work of BitTorrent Trackers turns out to be quite redundant.

Focusing on the illegal or legal aspects of downloading torrents:

Whether downloading torrent is legal or illegal, it depends on what you have chosen to work on. Sharing digital content, whose distribution can violate the copyright, will fall under the current illegal use. Some of those examples are movies, copyrighted music, software, and documents, to name a few. On the other hand, if the license of the torrent file is free for any kind of non-commercial or commercial distribution, then the service seems rather legal.

Ways to download the torrent anonymously:

It is vital to learn more about the Guide to DOWNLOAD Torrent Anonymously. There are multiple methods involved.

The first one is built0in encryption for BitTorrent client:

The BitTorrent Clients will have their own built-in encryption features for supporting some of the anonymous torrenting. For that, following some steps are mandatory.

BitComent Client:

  • Head to options, then select preferences, followed by advanced and then click on the connection.
  • Navigate well to protocol encryption, where you will come across Auto Detect, Always and Disable. Auto-Detect help in addressing more connections but with less anonymity and encryption.

Azureus Clients:

  • Get to tools first, and then select options, then connection and finally transport encryption.
  • After that click on a box which states “require encrypted transport”
  • After that, choose to go with RC4 from “minimum encryption level”

Using Web Proxies:

You have a proxy for funneling traffic through another server in question. It will help the peers to check the IP address of the server. For setting up a web proxy, some steps are:

  • Finding and Signing up an anonymous Socks5 proxy service
  • After that, login to control panel of proxy service.
  • Get the login and password to authenticate and use the socks proxy
  • Later, open the uTorrent and navigate through “option” for “preferences” and finally to “”

The steps might turn out to be a bit difficult at first but once you get a hang of it, things can prove to be just amazing!