Skype Version 7.0 Gets a New Material Design for Android Tablets
Skype Version 7.0 Gets a New Material Design for Android Tablets

An year earlier, when major update were launched for Android smartphones, Skype has recently brought material design to the tablet version, the Skype 7.0 for Android suited a larger screens with possessing all the benefits required material design.

Previously, Skype had rolled out a major update to its Android version for smartphones, to redesign interface for devices particularly with a little bit big screen. For instance, recently it has redesigned the same changes on Android tablets.

The devices with larger screens will have a redesigned interface of Skype 7.0 specifically in appropriation with Android tablets.

We should be pretty familiar that Skype has also applied some features like a multi-pane view, powerful search tools, and many more to the version for Android tablets. But, the good news is that the new tablet interface has been redesigned from the previous one, of ground up and got a new floating-action button that enable users to start voice or video calls as well as send messages to friends.

There is something special about the new interface; it also provides users with quick access to Skype bots, chatbots for users’ conversation. This feature will also allow users to loop other bots in their communication by providing messages suggestions based on gathered-data of your interaction with others.

The new Skype for Android tablets is as faster as to perform multitask at one time with different modes like landscape that comes with a multi-pane view. It’s enabling users for all sorts of conversation whether sending messages, files and even checking their latest conversations.

Moreover, the call quality and performance are improved. Skype has newly changed the sign-in page for users at the moment of log into Skype, and it also has the application which, on Skype, can directly display the contact list on the smartphone for faster interaction with friends.

This is available with an ‘invite’ button for sending suggestion to friends to join Skype, for which the search bar has been facilitated with an additional option to find contacts, chat-groups, and bots the way easier & faster.

The reports also hovered regarding Skype’s announcement that it improved call quality and performance in Skype 7.0 for Android tablets.  For further updates visit the Skype on Google Play.

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