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We all know that insomnia and sleep deprivation is an epidemic of huge proportions. Millions of dollars are spent every year for sleep aids of many kinds. While there is no cure all since there are probably as many different reasons for sleep issues as there are people having them, not everything will work for everyone.

Ultimately Essential decided to attempt to help the “Sleepless Community” by doing exhaustive research to find the perfect solution to tackle the issue to “Help America Sleep Again” by creating a sleep app to top all other sleep apps. This app contain music, much like what is used to help treat anxiety, depression and even PTSD. Something about it is mesmerizing to help calm the nervous system so that even the most uptight person finds the tension disappear.

Music has been used for decades to pre-op patients as well as the above mentioned issues. That is where this sleep app stands out compared to its competition. It contains nature and white noise types of sounds like other sleep apps, but it’s the amazingly relaxing music that makes it stand out. Custom mixes can be created using any of the sounds in combination with the music as well.

An article published in Sept of 2015 by Neuroscience News stated: “A new study from the Center for Music in the Brain at Aarhus University shows that music can improve the quality of sleep of adults with sleep disorders.”

Just January of this year, the International Journal of Nursing Studies published an article titled, “Can music improve sleep quality in adults with primary insomnia? A systematic review and network meta-analysis.” Their conclusion was, “When considering the efficacy, music intervention seemed to offer clear advantages for adults with primary insomnia. Listening to music and music associated relaxation are probably the best options to consider in the application of music intervention.”

Dr. Michael Breus, Ph.D a sleep expert and author of The Sleep Doctor’s Diet Plan: Simple Rules for Losing Weight While You Sleep, is quoted on WebMD as saying that, “Yes, there is data that suggests that music can help people fall asleep.”

There is a plethora of information available online of studies in which it has been verified over and over again that music therapy will enhance well-being, reduce stress and depression and encourage sleep.

So, if you are looking for sleep music, don’t experience another sleepless night. Check out the Ultimate Sleep Solution Sleep App in the Apple or Google Play Stores today.

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