Smartphone Pharmacy

Adherence to medication schedules is of utmost importance to keep patients in a healthy state, but sadly, this isn’t always enforced. Forgetting to take the medication in the proper time is one of the most common mistakes individuals can make. Non-adherence is when patients forget or miss their dose as prescribed by their doctors. When this happens, the medicine doesn’t work as well and the sickness grows.

Recent studies have found mobile pharmacy apps to be especially useful in maintaining a high rate of medication adherence. Even the elderly who take a number of medications each day will have a tool that can keep track of when to take which medicine on certain days. Canadian Pharmacy Online apps that are available on Android or iOS platforms are quite easy to use, even for people who have limited knowledge or experience in using smart phones or laptop computers.

Fill New Prescriptions and Reorder

Once downloaded, a pharmacy app allows users to fill out their new or existing prescriptions in just under a minute. You can order repeat prescriptions from a Canadian Pharmacy Online and send a message to your trusted pharmacist anytime. Moreover, a refill notification will pop up to remind users to take their medicine and stock up on them when the supplies are running low.

Automated Alerts and Medication Reminders

Having trouble juggling all your prescribed medications? Patients can take advantage of on-time notifications and reminders when they use a mobile pharmacy app. All you have to do is to open the app, point the camera to the QR code on the prescription label and the schedule will be added to your phone’s calendar. You can sync up multiple treatment plans on different medication in one easy to use platform.

The Go-To Medicine Diary for Patients

The app can help doctors determine the medication pattern of their patients. App users simply have to fill out their profile and medications used, whether natural health products, OTC supplements or prescription drugs. Patients can also share the details to their friends, family or health care professionals to help with additional input and progress.

Mobile pharmacy apps are especially useful for those who are suffering serious or debilitating health conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, or kidney problems for a more effective medication management. The innovative pharmacy app empowers patients to look after their own health, thereby promoting better patient behavior and increasing adherence to taking medicines.

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