Snappy Balloon iPhone Game

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Snappy Balloon is an iPhone game developed by Shell Curve Ltd. If you’re looking for yet another Flappy Bird-inspired game, Snappy Balloon combines the best aspects of Flappy Bird with some innovations that are all its own.

Think of Snappy Balloon as a vertical take on Flappy Bird. You control a balloon that flies up in the air. You must guide the balloon through small gaps in between pointy tree branches, and prevent the balloon from popping.

Snappy Balloon iPhone Game Snappy Balloon iPhone Game

There are two ways you can control the balloon in Snappy Balloon. You can use on-screen taps to guide the balloon left or right, or you can opt to use tilt-based controls that leverage your phone’s on-board accelerometer.

Both controls have been nicely calibrated, and respond quickly and accurately to your inputs. This keeps the game from getting frustrating.

This game has a simple interface that makes starting a new game very straightforward. While the graphics are a little bit on the simplistic side, that is part of the game’s charm. The look of this game is almost retro-inspired, but still very polished.

Snappy Balloon iPhone Game Snappy Balloon iPhone Game

The gameplay does get a bit repetitive, but the addictiveness quotient is so high that you won’t really notice. While you do need to be running at least iOS 7.0 to play this game, the majority of iPhone users have upgraded to iOS 7.1 at this point…so only a few iOS 6.x holdouts will miss out on this fun game.

Overall, if you’re into games of skill, games that test your reflexes, or you just love Flappy Bird, you’ll go nuts for Snappy Balloon. This game will drive you crazy, but that is part of this game’s charm.

Snappy Balloon requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.