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Escondido, California- Sweets Babe Inc. has recently announced that their financial freedom counseling services are now open to the public.

Sarah Antonella, a.k.a Sarah Pulido, Sweets Babe Inc. owner, stated that her team’s focus will be financial freedom through social media channels Instagram, Twitter and others.

The social media marketing expert mentioned that she’s thrilled to share her knowledge to influencers and business owners alike, declaring that they have established the necessary platform in making sure the appointments are open to anyone who’d love to expend their horizons and become the new influencers of today’s industries. The online marketer and business guru added that all the information to be shared will be the most up-to-date, containing details that are invaluable towards achieving financial success and freedom.

Sweets Babe Inc. is an advocate of social media as one of the best sources for doing business. Sarah Antonella has had quite a career in business advertising, and the entrepreneur specializes in the impact of social media marketing in today’s companies. The advent of social media has paved the way for a new form of marketing. Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are social media platforms that get millions of views and visitors per day. Aside from socializing, these platforms have become new sources of advertising, shopping and other things that are vital for company success.

Sweets Babe Inc. Inspirations

The entity Sweets Babe Inc., the founder and the staff has worked alongside Daily Dose founder Tim Karsliyev. One of the organization’s business philosophy is in learning from those who came before and to absorb the knowledge they can pass to others. Other notables include Karcher Smith, Dion Jaffee, Jake Stahl, Jon Tjeras and Melton Hawkins, all experts in their respective industries.

Sarah Antonella herself has trained a team of individuals having unique skills and unique designs in the social media industry. In the website the motto stands as “We the people make the difference”. Aside from professional financial freedom counseling, Sweets Babe offers content creation, photography, videography, travel reviewing, branding and social media marketing services.

Appointments are on a first come first served basis. Find more about Sweets Babe Inc. by visiting their website or by connecting with Sarah on Instagram and other media channels.

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